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Keep Verizon email though Verizon Your Domain service

Keep Verizon email though Verizon Your Domain service

Copper Contributor electrodivanyc
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My mother wants to cancel her DSL service but keep her @verizon email address. I read that you can do this by signing up for the Verizon Your Domain service. We signed up December 26th, 2012 online and she has been billed the $19.95/yr on her last bill. When she called for customer support to cancel the DSL and wanted to make sure the email address would still work - she was sent around and around from respresentative to another on the phone with different answers.


1. One Customer service rep said that this cannot be done

2. Another said they had never heard of this service

3. Another transferred her to the Verizon Your Domain department who said they could not help her until the DSL was deactivated and her email address cancelled but could not assure her that she could reactivate the same address with their service (which is kind of the point)- they sent her back to the DSL rep....

4. Different rep - who said she needed to talk to the VYD rep again because the service needs to be set up before cancellation - and said that despite paying for the service - that it was not "active" yet 

5. YYD rep said NO - the DSL guy was wrong


SO - because no one at Verizon's 1-800 number appears to know anything about the VYD service and how it works - can someone please tell me EXACTLY the steps needed to:


1. Keep a @verizon.net email address while

2. cancelling DSL service with Verizon




-Frustrated Daughter

Contributor hemery
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Don't call the 1800 number, call their Technical Support number.  I don't know if they have a separate one for DSL, but the Version FiOS technical support is 888-553-1555

Platinum Contributor I
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once you purchase that domain service, it should be ready to cancel the DSL


If you go to www.keepmyemail.com you will see it's designed exactly for that. 




1. Customize your Order
2. Check Out
3. Final Review
4. Thank You
What would you like to do?

Sign-up to retain my @verizon.net email address(es)
Order Verizon web hosting package
Both retain my @verizon.net email address(es) and order web hosting
*Please Note: If you have already ordered Verizon Your Domain Web Hosting you are already retaining your @verizon.net email address(es) in the event of a disconnect or move.

Contributor sammywright
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Hi! For her to keep her email she would have had to have something on the account called broadband essentials to stay active. That way the email account could have stayed active as well. We had the same issue a few months back and finally got someone in the Verizon Center/Web support that was able to let us know what needed to be saved on the account to keep the email

Contributor Energizer
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OK. I have a Domain saved email.  Before I disconnect my DSL what would be my settings for outlook or what server do I hook into to find my email from this  paid for Domain?


Contributor pjohnson213
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I would like to save my e mail and use it after I move


Contributor rengarcia7
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It cannot be done! I've been trying to do this since November 2013 and it's May 29th 2014 and it hasn't been resolved. I have tried on three different occasions for an average phone time with various departments of 3 hours each time. I have resolved to the fact that noe one can help me keep my email addresses with verizon.net so I'm switching to a Yahoo account afyer 8 years with verizon. A warning to all, don't cancell your verzion fios "package bundle" before you are 110% sure that my Keepmyemail account has been completely established, otherwise, you will be screwed!!

Contributor rengarcia7
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I only found this out today!! Unfortunately, this is not known information that Verizon should be putting out before you disconnect service from this "bundled broadband essentials" package. When I 1st signed up at Keepmyemail.com this was not explained and after I received confirmation that keepmyemail had gone through, I disconnected my account. This ended up being a three month fiasco where I had to pay $49 to reinstate my email account only. Now, I've been trying to sign up at keepmyemail without success because I get an error message that my account is not eligible for this service, because I don't have the broadband essentials package anymore. Be very careful!!

Contributor ronniekdvi
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How do I access my verizon emails through my new internet provider?

Contributor SDD
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This is a two step process and not very well understood by many of the verizon techs you get from service and their cheat sheets that are on the website for Verizon Yahoo is wrong.


IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR EMAILS - probably why you are reading this in the first place.

Step 1 - delete all e-mails that you don't want, transfer all emails that are -n subfolders to your Inbox (the folders will not transfer to Outlook)


Step 2 - Create an Outlook POP3 account, I will look for the sheet I had to make notes on as this is where Verizon.yahoo to outlook on the Verizon website is wrong and verizon.com technicians are right  

For a verizon.yahoo account you need to use Incoming Mail POP3 server:  incoming.yahoo.server.net  and the port the technician suggests

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net and the port SMTP port they suggest - NOT 587


If you are doing a standard verizon.net email which was not linked to yahoo, you can follow the technicians instructions to the letter.


Once your Outlook account connects it will take some time to transfer all your e-mails.  Import Contacts to outlook Once the Outlook has your e-mails, you are free to create a domain name and register your old verizon.net e-mail.  Your old e-mails are saved as an outlook *.pst file.


Step 3 - Create the domain name using verizon.net and create an e-mail account with your old e-mail@verizon.net and link to the outlook and you are good to go.  


An absolute pain in the **bleep**.

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