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Keep verizon.net email

Keep verizon.net email

Contributor oldman
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Due to issue with bandwidth need to cancel DSL service, but keep email address.  FIOS is not available.  How can I retain current email address?  Does Verizon have some feature to allow me to pay a yearly fee to keep email address?




Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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I have never heard of such a service provided by us.  I will have to verify with the sales office but I have never heard this ever being provided to any customer.
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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You can surely go ahead and keep your E-mail addresss while cancelling your internet services.

With Verizon you would have 2 E-mail address listed below


1>Verizon.net e-mail address



1> If you want Verizon.net E-mail address you just need to sigup for Verizon domain at http://surround.verizon.net/Shop/Utilities/VerizonYourDomain.aspx  for $19.95/year.


2>If you want AOL/MSN/Yahoo e-mail address woth you new service provider you need to check www.trueswitch.com for futher information.



Also we also you can downgrade the DSL to a low cost dail-up upto $9.99/month to secure the Same e-mail address.







Contributor DS_Former_FIOS
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This suggestion from the Verizon HelpDesk applies to the PRIMARY email address ONLY!!!  If you have sub-accounts, this suggestion will do NOTHING to help you.  


Take it from me...Even with taking this step as recommended by VZ Support, you subaccounts will be discontinued and terminated.  THERE IS NO WAY TO SAVE THESE OR TURN THEM BACK ON!



Contributor medavis777
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I am moving and need to cancel my DSL service. I only have my current primary address under my account.  I am moving to a household with existing Verizon high speed Internet/FIOS and want to keep my email address.  Am I able to set up my current primary address as a subaccount in the new household/Verizon account? 

Contributor shaber20005
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I'm in the same position as medavis777. I have a residence in DE, and I'm leaving the one in DC, but all the email addresses I use are attached the DC account.


The Help Desk mentioned YourDomain, but it's not clear how to set this up and I see no FAQ online.


I'm probably going to add the cheapest DSL to my DE address, and was told I could activate that account, and then set up an email address for each one I want to transfer from the old account.


Then, I disconnect the service at the old address (this is the part that scares me), and then call the help desk and ask for an alias repoint for each account, including the primary and the sub-accounts.


I guess I need to take it on faith that in the intervening time, my email won't disappear. Will the web spaces be transferred at the same point as the alias repoint? It was suggested that when I call to do this, I request a Level 3 tech in Ontario from the start.


I see the questions here, but has anyone actually done it successfully who can reassure me or offer tips? Thanks!

Contributor siddav
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I have FIOS internet and want to cancel it but retain my main veriszon.net email address.  I looked at your link and it did not say that you can retain a verizon.net email address for a fee without continuing FIOS internet.

Please clarify - and , if possible, give me a phone number and contact person to arange this.


Contributor VZD
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Hello ,


Yes, it is possible to keep your @verizon.net e-mail address. As mentioned above, in order to do so, you need to get one of the Essentials services - Verizon Your Domain.This service is available for customers with High-Speed Internet/FIOS that do not use Yahoo/Windows Live/AOL as their default Online Experience. To get the service, please follow these steps:


1. Order it prior to submitting any request for cancellation on any of your services.


2. You have to be logged in with your primary e-mail address/Verizon online id. This however doe not mean you will lose your sub-accounts.  To order the Verizon Domain, please follow these steps:


http://www22.verizon.com My Verizon My Verizon Services Internet Verizon Your Domain




http://verizon.netShop  Utilities Verizon Your Domain


3. Once you have ordered the Verizon Your Domain you would need to log in to your SiteControl panel and link your sub accounts by following these steps:


➲ Log in at https://sitecontrol.domains.verizon.net

Go to Manage Services E-mail Manage E-mail Create e-mail address;
In the "Create Username" box  enter the respective sub-account ID (the first part of the e-mail),  select the one from the drop down menu
Click on Create E-mail address;
Repeat the above action for each sub-account.


4. After you have followed all of the above instructions, you can call the Cancellation department and ask that they close you DSL/FIOS service, but let them know that you want to KEEP your Broadband Essentials.


For more information, you can contact a Verizon Representative at some of the following numbers:





Contributor VZD
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 Hello DS_Former_FIOS,


This is incorrect. If you link your sub - account in your Verizon Domain SiteControl panel prior to clossing your FIOS service, you will be able to retain the sub-accounts as well as the primary one.


Kind regards,



Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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let this be a lesson to all.... do NOT use your ISPs email, if you "can't" change your email addy... use a free or pay-for third party email service, and regardless of if you move or change providers.. you will ALWAYS have your email.....


had my same hotmail for over a decade..... I have moved upteen times.... my email is ALWAYS there, and {please keep your posts courteous} free


Bob Robertson - Lighter Klepto - I steal lighters, not bandwith
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