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Legit email senders blocked as spam

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Legit email senders blocked as spam

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I am having a consistent and very irritating problem that legitimate email senders are getting their emails bounced back as spam. Every time, I have to file a whitelist report and they do the same. Sometimes this takes days to resolve. Just today, someone who was successfully whitelisted two or three weeks ago is not getting blocked AGAIN.


Why are LEGITIMATE and consistent emails being blocked?  I am still getting real spam by the way, which Verizon is not blocking. I get hundreds of emails a day and I will have to change providers if this continues to be a consistent problem.


The tech support people in India -- after spending a couple of hours on the phone -- just tell me to fill out the whitelist report.

I need a higher level solution.  ASAP.


Thanks, Debra

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Re: Legit email senders blocked as spam

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Are they actually being Blacklisted (you do not receive the message at all and they receive a bounceback directing them to the whitelist form), or are they being blocked by the Spam Detector?


Have you added them to the Safe Senders list within your account?

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Re: Legit email senders blocked as spam

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Once again, my legitimate business emails are blocked as spam.  I spent three phone calls and three hours in May to learn that it was my email signature and at times Verizon just blocks emails with signatures.  In May, the blocking stopped as mysteriously as it started.  Two days ago it started again and as a result my client did not receive a very important email.  I just got off the phone with Verizon and was basically told, sorry, that's the way it is.  I am a small business, it is unprofessional not to have contact information on my email.  I sent the email to spamdetector many times in May and again over these past two days; it is incredibly frustrating and unacceptable.  Verizon should be enabling small business and not hindering them.  This time, I am serious, I will search for another provider.  Once again, I have spent over an hour on this issue (total time wasted both now and in May 4 hours)

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Re: Legit email senders blocked as spam

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Maybe try a whitelist?

Might help. 


Also send a copy to

Whitelist Request Form
To protect our members and our network from unsolicited e-mail (spam), Verizon Online has put measures in place to restrict the distribution of e-mail containing spam and potentially harmful viruses to our members. If we review a restricted e-mail address or domain and determine, based on the information available, that it does not pose a current unacceptable risk to our members or our network, the e-mail address or domain can be "whitelisted" and, therefore, e-mail delivery will be allowed to your mailbox.

If your organization is having difficulty delivering e-mail to Verizon Online addresses, or if you are a subscriber to one of Verizon Online's Internet access services who is unable to receive certain e-mails, please fill out the appropriate form below and submit it to Verizon Online Security. We will investigate the issue and attempt to find a solution that allows you to send or receive e-mail from a restricted source.*

» If you are an outside organization, please use the ISP form
» If you are a Verizon Online member, please use the Member form

The above links are not for reporting technical-support or billing-related issues. This resource is intended for use if you are having issues receiving e-mail from specific domains or addresses (but the remainder of your e-mail service is functioning properly) and for issues sending e-mail to Verizon Online customers. If your e-mail is not functioning properly, please contact Verizon Online technical support to address your issues. All issues not related to specific servers submitted via this form will be deleted.

*Verizon Online reserves the right to restrict access to or from any domain provided at its sole discretion. The information provided to Verizon Online must be wholly correct or the request may be rejected. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a solution that enables you to send or receive e-mail from a restricted source.

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Re: Legit email senders blocked as spam

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tyvm, I will try the whitelist request but am pretty sure it was done in May but no harm in doing it again. 


I did send a copy to spamdectector, each time an email was blocked.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Re: Legit email senders blocked as spam

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Boy, this topic hits home! I send out a monthly schedule for people who volunteer their services with my church. There are usually about 15 to 20 people I copy. Inevitibly I have to break up the sending into 2 or 3 groups as Verizon stops me from sending the schedule out all in one emailing.That is frustrating especially since I get as many as 15 to 20 emails minimum, many sent out of Canada daily.


Up to this point, I've been forwarding them to the link. Well guess what just happened. I tried to forward a spam to them and they bounced it back to me claiming I'm sending spam.


I have my internet, home phone and 2 cell phones with Verizon. If this crap doesn't stop soon, Verizon will lose all 3 accounts of my business and I"ve spoken to others who are ready to do the same!

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