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Lost incoming emails

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Lost incoming emails

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Since yesterday I am receiving some, but not all my email messages.  I am receiving many Facebook Notificaitons and some point-to-point emails, but many others are not showing up in my inbox.  I have verified with senders that they are using the correct address.

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Re: Lost incoming emails

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Are they (your friends) getting bounce back messages, or have you checked your spam and junk folders?


Also do you have any POP3 Clients (outlook, thunderbird, windows live mail) configured with your email address?

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Re: Lost incoming emails

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Since around the same time, a lot of e-mails I have sent out are bouncing back to me, rejected as "spam." 


I often send myself short e-mail reminders or copies of files.  Every single thing I've sent to myself has bounced back since that time.  I can no longer e-mail myself.  Almost nothing bounced back as spam up until that point.


I also can't send anything to my husband, who is on the same domain as my e-mail account.  Or various business contacts.  But some mail goes through to other people.  So my settings are working correctly. 


As near as I can tell, Verizon has made some recent changes to their system.  And they need to work out the kinks.  That is my guess. 


Customer service had me fill out some form to be whitelisted.  Then wait.  After the requested waiting period, things were still bouncing.


Another chat with another customer service representative, and they confirmed I was already whitelisted.  So they asked me to forward some bounced e-mails to  This time, they didn't say how long to wait.


I mentioned I had not changed any of my e-mail settings recently, and the bounces now happen when I send mail from any of three different devices, so I doubted it was my settings.  Then I asked if any of the settings we're supposed to use had changed recently.


That customer service agent told me they had sent an e-mail out to everyone with a Verizon e-mail address saying they had a new e-mail server and eventually our e-mail settings would have to change, as they will eventually decommission the old one.  I don't have a Verizon e-mail address that I use, and I didn't get that notification at the address I have registered in my Verizon account, so when I mentioned that I never received that notification, he said it was posted on the support Web site, too.  When I asked for the address, he couldn't find it and said it must not have been posted yet.


So, I don't know what's going on.  All I know is that this is hampering my professional e-mail, and that is very, very bad.  And frustrating.  I also know I have spent about two hours (and probably more) trying to work with customer service to get this fixed.  And it's not.


Is anyone else experiencing e-mail issues starting around that same time period?  Maybe we can help them figure out what changed, so they can fix the problem.





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Re: Lost incoming emails

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By the way, I changed the settings to what they told me to use for the new server, and they worked for a few hours (after I figured out SSL needed to be used. The test e-mail wouldn't send without it being on, so I turned on SSL.  Then confirmed the setting with customer service... he said yes, it needed SSL.  He had forgotten to tell me).


(By the way, the test e-mails were "sent," but also bounced back as spam).


Then suddenly this morning, Outlook tells me SSL does not need to be checked and the server isn't accepting SSL connections.  And mail wouldn't go through.  So I switched back to my old settings.





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