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Lost my 9 years old verizon.net email account when transferring to FIOS

Lost my 9 years old verizon.net email account when transferring to FIOS

Contributor norm84
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Recently we moved our house, and the good thing is the new location is FIOS available. We ordered FIOS Internet and TV, when it starts working, we canceled the DSL. Then we find it is a nightmare, I lost the old verizon.net email account which I used for 9 years,been used for many of registrations.

Spend over 10 hours over the phone to Verizon supports, finally a tech support for email tells me that I lost the account forever. 

The difficulty to get my old email account back is that my old email account at verizon.net was been created at very early time and has only 4 letters, which is now not able to be created anymore. From some day, the verizon.net email has to be at least 6 characters, and sounds even tech support can't use their privilege to create an email account with 4 characters.  What a great job done!


Stay away from Verizon email, or it will kill you some day!

Copper Contributor MisterBill
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First, you shoud have downloaded your email using Thunderbird or Outlook or some other mail reader before cancelling. Second, did you make any effort to have your new FiOS account use the same Verizon.net account? I switched from DSL to FiOS a few yesrs ago and kept my email. It's unfortunate that you are in this situation but I'm not sure why you would have expected the old account to stick around after you had cancelled it.

Contributor norm84
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I'm talking about the email account instead of the email data. I did archived my old emails, but lost my old email ID, which I used on many registration.

The Verizon tech support tells me that they are not able to recreate the old email ID because it contains only 4 letters. My old Verizon email ID is really short.  xxxx@verizon.net

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@norm84 wrote:

Recently we moved  ... We ordered FIOS Internet and TV ... I lost the old verizon.net email account ... Stay away from Verizon email ...


If the Verizon account at your new residence has an account number that differs from your old account number, you will need a new email address.  That's the way these things work and it has nothing to do Verizon.

Incidentally your advice on Verizon webmail is your best guidance.  All webmail applets have disadvantages, some more than others.  As has been suggested here many times, use a separate email client and be done with it.
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This is baloney.


With Comcast if you have a sub account and want to migrate to your own they will let you so long as it is the same person.


My 90 year old parents had this, moved to their own place, but were denied having their sub account migrated.


It is a shame since no one else will be using those names ever again they are very unique...


Verizon is not very good to work wtih, lucky for them they have a tech daughter to help.


I still cannot get one of their sub accounts to work, because the name won't show in the webmail.


Despite them telling me its registered, sending to it will give you a 5.1.1


I wonder if I call sales, will they know the answer? The tech people who barely speak English in India or somewhere and do not know even what a POP account means. They wanted access to my computer!!! Like heck I would give them that when they don't know what a 5.1.1 is either.


For the cost of this service it is shameful how many mistakes they have on their website....


Remember when creating a sub account, be sure to click "give this account mail access" FROM THE BEGINNING or you will find that if you try to do it later (which gives you the choice to do) it won't work and your sub account will be gibberish in the web mail.


If I am wrong and this can be corrected please let me know V-techs!!!!






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A transfer SOMETIMES can be done with Verizon, but I wouldn't count on it.  I managed to get mine transferred twice.  But am now setting up a second house, and have bitten the bullet and gotten a new email address.


As a long time email user, and over several ISP's, I saw FORGET WEBMAIL except for quick remote access.  Setup one of your PC/Mac's as your primary mail device and download all email to it.  You can set your main device to leave mail on the servers say for 2 weeks so the others can see it and set your others to always leave the mail.  Backup your email of course and if you want transfer complete copies of your email boxes periodically to another device such as a Laptop.

Contributor MacTech
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Yes I know how to do all that. That was not the problem at all... since I NEVER would use webmail nor would I advocate it for any of the people I help.


Parents used email client not webmail, and all is backed up and they can access old mail (sent, drafts, trash) and respond to it with new address by simply flipping their menu.


The problem is not that, it's the wrong info given on the Verizon website.


I called again yesterday and they still did not understand why the sub account I created doesn't show up or allow email to be sent to it. I have a list of mistakes like that from the website..


They said they will get back to me on it.. but haven't yet. I may write a letter to corporate with the mistakes regarding aliases, sub account creation, recreation, and set up of Mail.app which they have WRONG screen shots for in their instructions.


My parents are using the two sub accounts I created for them but NOT until after I troubleshot around these errors and I purposely kept one email that won't work just so these people can fix what is wrong with their system.


If you check the box to "allow" this sub account access to email AFTERWARD, as it's offered on the screen, you will not have a sub account at all, but some gibberish account that only works like that... sending to the name you created will only result in the 5.1.1


Do you think they ought to hire techs who know what POP and 5.1.1  mean?


OMG... I'm floored.


OH and guess what... now they are telling me you CAN migrate a sub account to create a main account since my parents used to live with my sister and now live on their own...  but too late for that I guess.

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