Mail server for "" unreachable for too long

Mail server for "" unreachable for too long

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I am getting these errors repeatedly for SOME email only:



Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
<>:   Mail server for "" unreachable for too long.



I don't know the best way to contact Verizon for this problem.   It has been happening for the last month or so.   Previously it did not occur.


I know about this because the email is from my daughter.  She has sent me the failure messages.   It is also happening to other family members who send me mail.


The situation is a bit more complicated as follows:


I use a Yahoo email POP account as a forwarding email account.   Mail is sent to who automatically forwards it to


Only when the mail uses this route does fail to respond.   If my family sends me e-mail directly to, it works.  My family uses email accounts from multiple originating servers.


Can I whitelist  (mail from myself)


When I test forwarding myself, it always works.


I checked the SPAM folders at Yahoo & Verizon and they do not contain this email.


Either the Yahoo or Verizon mail server is at fault.  I can't determine who.   The message errors above are from Yahoo.   I have also contacted technical support at Yahoo and their response is pending.  I pay Yahoo $30 a year to forward my email.


I receive a large volume of email from this path: Yahoo --> Verizon, without any known problems, except for my family members.   I did not have this problem with the Comcast mail server, when I used Comcast. 


Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Hey Ratiocinate, what happens if you log into your yahoo account and send an e-mail to your verizon e-mail account do you receive the e-mail.  If you are able to send e-mails from verizon to yahoo then it sounds like a issue with Yahoo.

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Thanks for your prompt reply.


Yes I do.  When I log into Yahoo and send an email to my Verizon account it works instantly.


The problem is with mail forwarding.


Don't forget, filtering software can scan email headers and drop it on the floor without an answer.


So again, it is unclear whom to blame yet.


Also, this problem was previously reported by other users with no resolution back in 02/2010.



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You could try adding the Yahoo address to your Safe List in the webmail settings. It might help, it might not.


Short of that, I think contacting tech support for a full investigation is going to be your best bet. I know that Yahoo and Verizon occasionally have bouts where some Yahoo mail servers don't like to connect to some Verizon mail servers. If you've already got Yahoo investigating, it can't hurt to get VZ looking at it from the other side as well.

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I have an associate with a yahoo email account - emails she sends to adresses are being returned to her with this message.  It seems to be whenever she is sending a group email to a number of people.  But only the emails are being bounced back to her. Can anyone help with this?

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I have a similar problem with my email address.  Most of the time when I send emails to customers, the e-mail is bounced back with the following error message : " Mail server for "" unreachable for too long." 


The email addresses have been typed in correctly so I know there is not an error with the address that I am sending the email too.  Often I am replying to a email so there is no chance of a typo error.


Why does my email address often receive this error message for customers?  (It is only customers and I am able to send emails using my juno account which I am trying only to use for junk mail).


Can you please help me with this issue?  (We have verizon fios, TV, land line and wireless)

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This issue remains unresolved.   No response from Yahoo technical support.  Resubmitted request.   Verizon support not contacted yet, as they don't make it clear who to contact for this sort of problem.


I whitelisted * with


Currently, forwarded email is being delayed two days.


Next step is to start sending test email from my work account to my yahoo account which forwards to, daily, from my work email address.


If mail delays or rejects appear, the next step is to replace the mail server.   In other words, hire another POP email server.  


1.  If problem persists with new POP email server, the fault is with Yahoo.

2.  If problem goes away, the fault is with the email server.

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I don't know why anyone uses email forwarding. You are just asking for trouble. Set up your client to download the mail directly from you accounts and be done with it. If you don't have a client, download one of the free ones.


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GaryDoug wrote:

..why anyone uses email forwarding. You are just asking for trouble.



I  am just wondering, why that is.



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dslr595148 wrote:


I  am just wondering, why that is.



More connections = More chance of failure


If VZ email is down I don't want my email to be down too, and vice versa.


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