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Migration to AOL Mail - what about Verizon-Yahoo?

Migration to AOL Mail - what about Verizon-Yahoo?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I have been reading about migration to AOL Mail, but I don't see any mention of the Verizon customers who get their mail via Yahoo. What will be happening to the Verizon-Yahoo mail users? I have a @verizon.net e-mail address but I get my webmail from https://verizon.yahoo.com/

Contributor DoemPut
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I am not sure what would happen to your account but to be safe you can go into the settings of your verizon account (not verizon yahoo) just plain verizon and locate a particular email setting option to unlink your verizon email from the yahoo portal, then your account will migrate to the verizon email system and you can wait until you recieve the aol email to do the second migration. When I did it a year or so ago it had 3 prompts/steps to go through, I dont remember where it is but if you look around in like account settings and find the email ones you should be able to find it.

Contributor tanelli007
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Spoke to Verizon customer service tonight, and they said that Verizon-Yahoo e-mail is not getting migrated at the moment, that the Verizon-Yahoo portal is 'out of scope of the current migration plan', and that Verizon-Yahoo e-mails that end in 'verizon.net' will keep working for the moment.   


They also said that while there is an option to uncouple the Verizon-Yahoo connection, that is an irreversible decision and so should only be done if you are sure about it.

Contributor ConfusedinNJ
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thanks for sharing that info from customer service.  

Contributor burtech
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I am a Verizon/Yahoo email use customer with an @verizon.net domain name in my email address.  I have yet to recieve any notifications on the email migration.  How will I be impacted by the migration of Verizon email to AOL?  From what I see right now, I don't seem to need to do anything as Yahoo will continue to carry me with the @verizon.net domain name.  Also as I use an Microsoft Outlook standalone application on my desktop, will my definitions change for my POP3 and SMTP mail settings?  I do not use Verizon webmail. How will this impact my iPhone access to my Verizon/Yahoo email also?

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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They have said that nothing is happening to Verizon/Yahoo email accounts at least at this time.

Contributor JGallo
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There is no mention in that link that you provided, as to what happens to those of us who have a Verizon/Yahoo account.  I called the customer serivce number for Verizon, and they told me my account would not be affected.  I tried to contact Yahoo for help, and they told me to contact Verizon.  Who runs my account now?  Yahoo or Verizon?  Some of us need a little more information on this. Will the email be seperated from the ISP?  



Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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They haven't said if they are going to have to do a migration for Verizon/Yahoo in the future, or if they are essentially now Yahoo accounts.  They have said that there is no migration at this time.


Remember AOL is a Verizon company, and Yahoo is in the middle of being acquired as well.  Perhaps when they complete the acquistion we will hear something more definitive.

Contributor youbanks
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Have been using Yahoo for a while now. Never got any notice of verizon email ending. Can I continue using Yahoo or do I have to go to aol?

Contributor Breaker67
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What if there are no links on the Yahoo Email page after logging in?  2 of 4 in my house have been notified to change. 1 has. Waiting to see if the 3rd has been notified. I'm Accound holder and have not recieved any Email from VZ. I tried the link in my wife's notice and after logging in to my Email account, no links.   ??? 

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