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My Outgoing Emails All of a Sudden Dont work?

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My Outgoing Emails All of a Sudden Dont work?

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I see some other threads about port 25 issues.  I have 3 server accounts and all my webmail goes to my Outlook software. All of a sudden I now cant send any emails out. I am getting an error saying no connection to the SMTP server can be found.


I never used my verizon email account but installed it into outlook using the pop 3 settings and port 25 and it sends and receives perfectly. But ALL my other accounts wont allow me to send?


It took me two days just to get support on the phone and the guy was clueless saying everything is set up perfectly and it must be my ISP.


I told him I have multiple ISP's and they couldnt all go down at the same time....{word filter avoidance}


Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there any solution besides cancelling verizon?


Any advice is very much apprciated.



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Re: My Outgoing Emails All of a Sudden Don't work?

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Apparently Verizon has decided to stop the use of port 25 for non Verizon email accounts.  Another hosting provider had to rearrange their system to accept emails on another port in order to continue the use of their email account.  Sadly this is affecting residential and commercial account who have a dynamic IP address.  It is sad because no warning was posted by Verizon.  I am still trying to reconfigure email accounts for some municipalities in South Jersey.  I'll post any new information as it becomes available from Verizon.

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Re: My Outgoing Emails All of a Sudden Don't work?

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Actually ... depends on who you talk to ... numerous people have said they were adaquately notified well in advance (a couple of times in fact).  So, that particular claim is open to debate, but frankly it doesn't matter since that's water over the dam.


If you can list the ISP's or domains you happen to have accounts with, perhaps someone here can suggest if there is a known alternate port for their services that you can use -- in which case it's a simple profile change.

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