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My wife's email (or how to download it to a CD-ROM)

My wife's email (or how to download it to a CD-ROM)

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My wife's PC is in the "shop" to deal with some nasty virus related issues. The down side is that her PC will have to be formatted and lose what data is on it. The upside is that all of her e-mail is stored on Verizon.net. How do I go about down loading her email to a CD-ROM on my personal PC? Step wise would be great!
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Did she use a program for checking her e-mail besides a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)? If you're looking to download a copy of the e-mail, I'm not sure if Verizon's e-mail system has such an option but if she was using a program such as Outlook or Windows Mail, all of the e-mail should be stored in a datafile on the machine. If possible, it will need to be exported since the file is "owned" by another user.

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There is no easy way to export from the Verizon website directly to a file or burn to a CD. My best recommendation is this. If her emails are still on the Verizon website, configure a mail client on your computer or another to download it there.


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@engrbill47 wrote:
 ... all of her e-mail is stored on Verizon.net. How do I go about down loading her email to a CD-ROM on my personal PC? ...

Is there any reason she cannot access her web-based mail from your computer?  She needs only the user name and password she already has.


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I would suggest using an email program.  E.g. Windows live Mail.  Set up manually, not with the troubleshooter.




and make sure you set the option in whatever program you use to leave a copy of mail on server.  Otherwise all the mail will disappear from the Webserver.  One of the reasons not to use the troubleshooter is it will not set that option and so all the email will download and be deleted from the webserver.


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