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My work Around till Oversea access is fixed for email

My work Around till Oversea access is fixed for email

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I use outlook to manage all of my email accouants. Currently for security reasons Verizon is blocking access to their servers via foreign ip addresses. This doesnt solve my remote access issue, but does get my emails into outlook.


I am now using gmail to get my verizon email. I used the follow link that explains how to get gmail to download your verizon email.  ...I then use the gmail in my outlook to move my verizon emails to the verizon folders I have in my outlook.


I assume this is working since the gmail server is in the states with a USA ip address and then Im pulling it into my outlook from my foriegn ip address...   then doing what I want with the emails once they are in my outlook. Gmail also lets me send it out as Verizon outgoing mail.




Hopefully this helps those trying to acces your emails overseas.



Copper Contributor jonesjb
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My newest work around is using a VPN...


I read about best choice on PC Magazine and picked the best editors choice...  Now while in Middle East Im able to access everything thru the VPN.




my email is downloading to my outlook with no issues when Im in secure mode in my VPN.


Additionally, the funny thing is I was using google voive  in gmail to call people in the states (phones not computers) at a penny a minute...  now Im using the VPN with the server in Dallas and my google voice calls are free because its a USA ip address.


win win for me...  the yearly cost of $35 for premium VPN is less than what I spend on phone calls overseas, plus now I have access to all the blocked sites...  can watch and listen to US only content music, tv, etc.  I understand there are free VPNs and you can google reviews of them to pick a free VPN, but I chose to pay to have unlimited data and fast speed.


Smiley Happy


again this inconvienence has made me learn a lot about access to the internet while traveling.


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which one did you go with in regards to the vpn service. I'm always shopping for a good VPN service paid or not

Copper Contributor jonesjb
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 I am using Private Internet Access...





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I was just on a three week work trip to Georgia, Armenia and Senegal -- and what an email nightmare with Verizon and Outlook. I resorted to Private Internet Access as my work around, but...careful with this. Sometimes Verizon will block one of those US-based servers as well. I had selected the US East server, which worked for awhile, but then Verizon started blocking again, so I switched to US Midwest and it worked again. 


Bottomline: Verizon email is NOT for international business travelers! Too much hassle. 


I like the recommended work-around of using Google and will try that until I can migrate all of my Verizon accounts away from Verizon.

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I have a problem that verizon is not telling  their customers they will not be able to get emails while overseas using a local IP or WiFi hotspots.

In Irelasnd I met four Verizon customers that had paid verizon $25 for overseas data for their IPads but on day 4 could not reach their family members.

For us ,we had our IPhones with us on the gobal plan to send and recieve emails. But spent $100 in 10 days to send and recieve emails which is not wxcewptable.

Work arounds don't always work well.

I spent 1 hour on the phone back to the states to get a verizon techn to clear a IP address, it took 30 hours to white list  that address.  Not good when moving every couple of days. The Techn was very good and most helpful in less that ideal condition

This problem has been going on in various stages for at least a couple of years.

Why do comcast customers not have a problem???


I can say once I was connected to the Verizon techn person he was most understanding and helpful within  very narrow areas in what he could do.

Copper Contributor AUA-Mark
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12/19/2014:  I have to echo the concerns of others above and ask if anyone has a resolution.  First a quick description:

  1. I am on vacation/remote work in Aruba (yes, it is nice ... lol), staying in a house using a local ISP (Setar).
  2. I have a Verizon email account (POP account, ports 995 in/465 out) as well as a company email account (Microsoft Exchange, non-Verizon); both of which I access via Outlook for Mac.
  3. Arrived a few days ago, stayed one night at Marriott, had no problems with Verizon email using Outlook for Mac that night.
  4. Since moving to the rental house, I cannot receive or send any Verizon email via Outlook for Mac;  I CAN send/receive my work email via Outlook  I CAN also receive/send Verizon email via Webmail for Verizon ... but those emails are not automatically stored in my Outlook folder that has multiple subfolders and rules.
  5. The Mac is connected via Linksys router to modem; connection to router tried with cable and with Wi-Fi separately.
  6. Internet access is fine, except some Verizon support websites are coming up as unavailable.

I talked with Verizon over the course of 2 calls lasting over 1-1/2 hours, including one helpful technician (Steven) who watched my screen to see what was going on.  As hard as he tried to come up with potential solutions, nothing worked. I called the local Aruban ISP, SETAR and talked to a nice gentleman there, Leo, for over ½ our. He checked into the account, and traffic and said everything appeared normal. He did suggest this forum page in doing research while we talked.

I called Verizon back. I mentioned that it was likely that they were blocking some IP addresses. This time they were generally unhelpful and told me it was an Outlook problem. So they connected my to Microsoft support for Mac. Their technician was even less helpful and said I need to go buy an updated Service Pack from my MS Office for Mac. **bleep**?

Bottom line is this: I can’t receive my Verizon mail but Outlook, but can via Webmail and also SOME Verizon websites seem to be “blocked” (usually the support ones) … I get a message that “We're sorry.... We are not able to process your request. To continue, please select one of the following options:

Other than cancelling my Verizon account (in which I’ve paid literally thousands of dollars over 10 years), does anyone have a solution?

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Copper Contributor AUA-Mark
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NOTE TO VERIZON: I have accessed the information mentioned at: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-net-Email/Email-Access-Overseas/td-p/744863. While I appreciate the answer from the Verizon representative, brittany_VZ, it is simply unacceptable to state: "Additionally, we have implemented measures to prevent future unauthorized access attempts which may affect your ability to access your Verizon.net email from locations outside the U.S. If you experience difficulty reaching your Verizon.net email account, you can always access it online at mail.verizon.com or through the Verizon My FiOS app for mobile devices. For further information see the Verizon Webmail FAQs." (I cannot even access the Verizon Webmail FAQs for Aruba). Verizon has chosen to remove a service without a corresponding reduction in price they charge a customer. This is a breach of contract, not to mention a significant degradation in service. While being able to access my Verizon email using webmail.verizon.net, that is not sufficient (especially in light of the small 2 Gb storage allowance) as many user choose to use Outlook or some other mechanism for more permanently storing their email, and often in a sophisticated file management system with automatic rules engines. Further, I cannot receive my Verizon email on my Verizon cell phone despite the international data plan (100 Mb for $25), which is the reason I signed up for it in the first place! Given that I have already spend a few hours of my time, which is no less valuable than that of Verizon executives, I want to have my connectivity restored as soon as possible. In the meantime I am filing a complaint with the FCC and will personally follow up with this when I get back to the Washington DC area. Again, Verizon, this is unacceptable. As a customer for over 10 years who has literally spent thousands of dollars on this company for services, this is especially galling. Please fix this. Now. Thank you.
Copper Contributor AUA-Mark
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I appreciate the above suggestion togo look for a third party solution (e.g. VPN access).  However, two things concern me:

1.  I should not have to pay for an annditional service that enbles access to a service I have long since been paying for regularly;

2.  Many of us are not techincally-mined and don;t want to deal with yet another additional sofwate interface in our lives.


BOTTOM LINE: Verizon, please restore a service you have been providin, but no longer appear to support outside the US, and for which I continue to pay.

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