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Need to Rehabilitate a Sub Account

Need to Rehabilitate a Sub Account

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One of the sub accounts I manage under my verizon account has become locked due to repeated attempts on my part to log in incorrectly.  I want to unlock it.  I went through a very detailed procedure to attempt to login, and receive a temporary PIN via a phone call.  All of this worked, as advertised, except for one thing.  It rehabilitated my main account, and not the sub account I am concerned with.  

Is there a way to go through the same procedure, or a different procedure to rehabilitate a sub account?  Why can't I do this from the Manage Sub Account dialog page?  If I could delete the account entirely, why can't I change the password to something I know?  Or am I missing something.


I apologize for posting this in High speed Internet.  I don't know where the appropriate forum is.


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Go here:

That should allow you to reset the sub account by answering the Secret Question. Select password for what you forgot, put in the username of the sub account you want to reset, then answer the sub account's secret question correctly.

Keep in mind that NONE of the "forgot password" links on Verizon sites point to this page. There is no way to get to this particular flow other than going directly to https://www.verizon.net/ssowebapp/alternateAuth/altChoice.jsp

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Thank you for your response.  There is a problem with the response you gave me.  


When I attempted to reset the password on the sub account, it asked me for the answer to the secret question.  I supplied the answer, but it said that the number of incorrect attempts was too large, possibly as a result of my prior attempts.  

It then directed me to an 800 number.  That 800 number connected me to a voice robot.  That voice robot was unable to understand that I wanted to reset a sub account, and instead gave me a procedure involving a temporary PIN, and that procedure only works on the primary account.



The primary account is not the problem.  I need to unlock/reset a sub account.  Is there a way I can chat with a real live technical person?


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Hi RetiredDBA,


You can reach a support agent though the options available at Contact Us.

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Chat worked.  The person who responded to chat eventually changed the account so as to create a new password, then allowed me to change the password to something completely new. 



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