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New AOL mail and Outlook settings

New AOL mail and Outlook settings

Contributor kjr0918
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I followed the directions for updating my Outlook settings for the AOL migration that were posted on the AOL site for Verizon users. It said to just change my password. That resulted in a server not recognized message. Creating a new email profile results in the same error message. Verizon says they cannot help me and AOL wants me to pay for the answer. Has anyone else had this problem? Everything in my family and work is synced through Outlook. I don't want to use the browser! Thanks all!

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Platinum Contributor III
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The same old settings should work.  Review them.  Also make sure you have your userid set with the @verizon.net value in your pop settings. 

Contributor kjr0918
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I finally got everything to work until yesterday. Outlook began prompting me for my password and continually rejected it. Then I started receiving errors that my encription settings were wrong. I have not changed a thing. I have heard AOL does not work with Outlook. Has anyone else experienced this problem? AOL will only help me if I pay them money, which isn't happening. Thanks!

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Re: devices purchased with verizon.net
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After migration I have  no problems receiving email in: 




My Pc's

Using our Kindles to download books from Amazon.


Just make sure you "adjust" your accounts on them with any changes you make  to your email during the migration.


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Contributor kjr0918
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Everything was working fine until yesterday. The last email I was able to receive in Outlook was around 3 AM (spam) Saturday morning. Now nothing works. I have double checked all of the settings and I keep getting errors about the encryption or that my username is not recognized. It's the correct username and the same one I was using prior to yesterday! Nothing works on any of my devices - iPad or iPhone and it was working perfectly. So if I can't get this fixed, I am going to have to bite the bullet and move to Comcast. I hate the thoughts of a change in an email address after having it for 15 years, but I must have Outlook in order to coordinate calendars. No one wants to help. Frustrating.

Contributor kjr0918
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Something must have been wrong with my service. Out of the blue it started working tonight without making any changes to the settings. Very weird.



Contributor honeycu2
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Contributor angryemailer
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I want to vent my frustration with Verizon's extraordinary incompetence with this transition. I personally spent hours with AOL - at Verizon's guidance- who knew nothing about solving the Outlook issues. Then I hired some company to solve it, and they were unable to get the information from Verizon. Finally I just called Verizon tech out of desperation and they said, yes, a number of people who had to change passwords for AOL access (this was my case) had this problem and the Verizon tech did solve the problem. Meanwhile, about 5 hours of my time and money out the window becase Verizon did not have us contact THEIR techs in the first case who were the only ones who could effect the transition for people whose passwords had changed. I want to initiate a customer complaint from all of us who wish compensation from verizon for this mess. I suggest $100 per person as a slap on their wrist.


Contributor angryemailer
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call verizon tech and insist they help you. They finally helped me. The AOL people are useless. Verizonowes us compensation for their mess. Our time is valuable. I suggest $100 per afflicted customer.

Contributor larchmontguy
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I had the same problems on my PC and the Microsoft rep tried for two hours to get it to work and gave up and is elevating it to other techs.  Apple rep also using Verizon/AOL instructions couldn't get it to work.  I tried installing it on my laptop, wouldn't work there either.  I definitely think Verizon should pay something to the users.

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