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New AOL mail and Outlook settings

New AOL mail and Outlook settings

Contributor anijamyang
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Registered: ‎09-14-2017
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I wanted to install a shortcut for ALTO on my desktop.  I called the AOL support number and they tried to charge me 799.99 for getting rid of a Trojan horse which they probably had given me!  Scare tactic.  Then they emailed me the following!:

Subject:  Not to be rude

Hey,  I don't mean to sound rude here but seriously,

Have a look at this.

For anyone to pass on something like that you gotta be either not so serious about the future or plain crazy.


Stay cool,

Support Team

Contributor dick649
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Registered: ‎12-28-2017
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All of a sudden my email stopped working through Outlook.  Msg. says it doesen't like my encryption.  Been using SSL for years.  Don't add up!  Tech says they can fix it if I give them my credit card.  That's not going to happen.  Sounds like a scam to me.  As soon as my Verizon contract runs out they're gone.  SAD!

Contributor dick649
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Registered: ‎12-28-2017
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The problem is that either AOL or Verizon is scamming.  I'm going to fire them too.



Contributor jct947
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Registered: ‎01-10-2018
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I started having the same problem yesterday 01.09.18 for no reason. Did not change anything and it is not recognizing password, won't synchronize and won't recognize encryption setting even though it's what the told me to do. I spent an hour with Verizon and almost as long with AOL - neither could help me. I'm just hoping it will somehow correct itself. Does anyone have a better idea? I also want to use Outlook and not a browser.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-27-2011
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For some reason the pop3 setting I have been using stopped working when sending.

After lots of looking for answers I found that using these AOL pop3 settings work perfectly. You will be using the pop.aol rather that the pop.verizon

Works good for me on my android and outlook. Here is link to where i found it.


Hopefully helps someone.






Contributor tja5577
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Registered: ‎03-21-2018
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I had the exact same problem.  Everything worked fine with Outlook until yesterday when I could no longer send emails.  I got an error message regarding SSL.  I could still receive emails.


I made the suggested change from pop.verizon.net to pop.aol.com and smtp.verizon.net to smtp.aol.com.  Everything is now working perfectly again. 

I also needed to make these same changes on my iPad and Android phone.


Thanks for this information.  I just don't understand why AOL screwed this up.  This must be causing problems for lots of customers.



Contributor Cali789
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Registered: ‎03-23-2018
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I have been able to send and recieve my verizon.net email until yesterday via AOL and outlook on my desktop and via gmail on my cellphone.  I still recieve all my emails but as of mid-day yesterday I lost the ability to send through Outlook and Gmail.  I can still send via AOL.  


Anyone experience the same and are their fixes. 

Contributor Cali789
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎03-23-2018
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I am using the full username with @verizon.net, smtp.aol.com and port setting 465 SSL.  Recieving emails works fine but sending still continues to ask me for username and password. 

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Registered: ‎12-16-2012
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Does it accept the same password when you submit it?  If so its something odd with outlook or your settings.


Since there are so many versions of Outlook and outlook express, it would help in our giving advice if you identified which one.

Contributor Mshello
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Registered: ‎03-25-2018
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I am having the same problem. I can receive email all day long on my desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Stopped working about 3 to 5 days ago. I can not send them from any place. I have tried changing all the settings that everyone has listed. Still no success. 


When I go to send the email I get the pop up box for your user name and password. They are already in the box but I retype them again. After clicking ok 3 to 5 times then I get the following error message: "The connection to the server was interrutped. If the problem contunues, contact your service administrator or your Internet Service Provider (ISP)." 


I have not made any changes to my password or user name. I have added @verizon.net to my user name. I have changed the incoming mail to: pop.aol.com from pop.verizon.net. I have changed the outgoing mail to: smtp.aol.com from smtp.verizon.net. I have even changed the port setting to 465. I also tried to delete the pop3 account and add it as an imap account that did not work either.


I am just having the problem sending email. I am using MS office 2010 plus, Iphone 7+, Macbook Air 2014 and a Samsung tablet. I am at a total lost here. It all keeps coming back to password. If my password was not correct I would not be able to receive email either. That is not the case I can get all the email I want. 


Can anyone help?? Please??

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