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New Modem Successfully Connected, but Can't Send Email Anymore with Client

New Modem Successfully Connected, but Can't Send Email Anymore with Client

Nickel Contributor
Posts: 53

I have been using an email client to access my yahoo accounts for awhile now. Today, I got a new modem (the Westell 7500), and for whatever reason, I am only able to receive emails.


I can't send any emails, like I did before the switchover to the new modem. I can go to the yahoo web page and send emails that way, but not with my client.


I made no changes to any of the settings in my email client.

This is what was working before today's new modem connection:


secure to dedicated port (TLS)

port 465

with "perform smtp authetication (RFC 2554)"

with "same user/password as for mail retrieval"

no "require secure authentication"



Those are the settings and what was working prior to the new modem; yes, I even tried changing the port to 587.


Any idea what may have happened, keeping in mind I can receive emails.

Nickel Contributor
Posts: 53

What do i need to change or fix on the verizon "" page

that is affecting my outgoing mail?

The older westell 6100 modem--I can send email, but not this newer 7500.




Nickel Contributor
Posts: 53

I set the firewall to "low" in the set up/config,

and lo and behold: I can now send email.


Now my question would be, now that this is on "low," I'm guess my mcAfee firewell set to normal will be adequate to do

what a firewall is supposed to do.



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