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No response from - - or - -

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Re: No response from - - or - -

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BudPalChief, I feel your pain. I also have this exact same problem. I'm with Time Warner and even thought I showed the tech support girl this forum post AND even read it to her she wanted to transfer me to Microsoft saying its a problem with Outlook.



I got so frustrated with her I just hanged up the phone. 


I know its not a problem with outlook. I have two ISPs in my office TWC and Verizon. If I plug in my Verizon internet Oulook works with my verizon email. If I change to my TWC internet Outlook cannot connect to




I then downloaded Thunderbird and again the verizon email works with the verizon internet and but not with TWC internet.



I'm going to try again later to get another person


They are all silent about the issue. Not even acknowledging that there is a problem.




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Re: No response from - - or - -

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Nope.  Best results are to be polite but firm about describing your problem.


They, at least above the lowest levels, are well aware of some of the recent problems and what needs to be done to fix them.

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Re: No response from - - or - -

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I give up...!!! 


I spent 4 hours yesterday on multiple chat sessions and phone calls with Verizon.  Thought I was really close with one rep who was creating a ticket for me to get my IP address unblocked, but he was having trouble creating the ticket.  In the end, he gave me an escalation number and gave me a number for Frontier Services.  Said to just call them and give them the escalation and they would create a ticket for me.  Of course, they had no idea what I was talking about, so was forced back to square one... (Again)


I've now set up forwarding in my Verizon WebMail sending to a new email account I can use Outlook with.  Will be a long process to get everybody off the old Verizon address that I've been using for 17 years...  Sometimes, you just have to cut your losses...


This whole experience has been an disheartening at best.  I never thought a company the size of Verizon could be so uncaring and incompetent when it comes to supporting their customers!  They never admitted a problem and worse yet, didn't even communicate the issue to their support staff.  I'll definately think twice before doing anything with Verizon in the future.


Good luck to the rest of you and please share any solutions you may find!

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Re: No response from - - or - -

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You had the right idea, BudPalChief. After 4 days of working fine, email via the home server is gone again. I'm out...hello, gmail!

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Re: No response from - - or - -

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Dear Friends, I have had the same issue, but international. I have been told by supervisor that it is a new policy to block all international IP addresses from access to the POP or SMTP server. If so, this is bizarre, as the very purpose of email is portable use of the client, not webmail. No one doing anything more complicated or secure than socialising, or worse, requiring a secured copy for govt or business purposes, can use verizon email at this point. Someone thought very wrongly at the top of the food chain. Best, martin
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Re: No response from - - or - -

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Yazdizk - you're so right! I'm still blown away that verizon turned off our international/traveling access without notice or even after the fact "known issues or outages" still not being posted on their support site, even now a full month later. I guess I'm still mourning having to quit using my verizon email account.
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Re: No response from - - or - -

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Finally figured out how to fix the problem.  The get your IP address unblocked go to:


If that doesn't work send an email to:


Subject: Issue accessing my Verizon email using outlook


In the Message include your information below (not in italics):


Your Name         John Doe

email address

Phone #             XXX-XXX-XXXX

User Name         vz username: jdoe

User ID              vz userid: jdoe

IP Address         IP address: XXX.XXX.XX.XXX

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Re: No response from - - or - -

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Why have email clients not been notified of Verizon policy established in Sept 2014, which prevented overseas access to server?
And why are the Verizon customer service technicians not aware of this policy, when contacted for technical support related to this issue?
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