Non- stop spam

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Non- stop spam

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I took the time to designate email as spam with zero result. Is Verizon going to take care of the Spam or not?

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Re: Non- stop spam

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No,I have had verizon for many years or more. I have called, sent e-mails  and tried every possible way to get verizon to fix their e-mail problem. One of verizons tech guys even logged on to my computer but nothing has changed or will. I think Verizon allows these e-mail as some kind of marketing or something they get money on. So I have given up on verizons e-mail service.

I no longer use verizons e-mail, well, kinda. I do check every so often to see if I have something important on it but that will stop over time as I have another online e-mail,, it's free and I have had it for years too that I have changed all of my e-mails to go to..

I changed Outlook(Pop server) to not download any e-mails when accessed. All e-mails(SPAM) sent to my verizon e-mail address remains on the verizon server. when I want to check e-mails in verizon, I log in to Verizons site, look at my e-mails

and if nothing is there except for the spam mails, I leave them there. I think there are close to 6000 spam e-mails on there now.

Just leave them for verizon to take care of. If they dont or cant block them they can keep them.

If you have important e-mails, forward them to your new e-mail.address and change them to the new e-mail.

Find a good online e-mail sevice and change all of your online business and friends to that e-mail

Takes a while but it is worth not having the flood of spam from verizon every day.

BTW, has an excellent spam filter.


Good luck!

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Re: Non- stop spam

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They don't themselves control the spam filter they use.  Its a third party.


As far as getting lots of spam, I have two different email accounts.  My one for my Florida home has only gotten 4 spam messages not caught in three years.  My NY one (about 10 years old) is currently getting 30 or so not caught a day an about the same caught.


A lot of the spam you get depends on your email having been exposed to a site or person that is reselling it to spammers.  I havent done so bet many people take advantage of the free extra email ids, and keep the primary id private.   They then use another email for their most trusted contacts (not necessarily their best friends as I have some relatives who are not net savvy and keep getting their email haccked).  And use another for less trusted contacts and companies.

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