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A couple of years ago I switched my Verizon home phone to a cellular home phone service.  Before doing so, I was assured by Verizon that I could continue my Verizon internet service and not lose my Verizon Yahoo email addresses.  When the number was moved to the cellular service, contrary to what I had been told, the internet service was lost.  I ended up returning the home phone service to Verizon and reestablishing an internet account with an entirely new profile and email.  Interestingly my old Verizon Yahoo email addresses continued to work.  They did not, however, show up on my new account.  (And they don't to this day.)  They're like orphans - connected to nothing.  I now need to cancel my Verizon internet service, and I would like to find a way to be sure that I will continue to be able to access my old email addresses.  I have tried keepmyemail.com, however, it doesn't work with accounts connected to Yahoo.  Can anyone provide advice?  Is it possible to break off the accounts from Verizon, and have them set up solely under Yahoo?  Can they be broken off from Yahoo and connected solely to Verizon?  Any other ideas?  Thank you.

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Hi Totty,


We apologize about your experience! When your residential service was reestablished, your old email account should have been repointed back to your current service. If this had been done, then you would have already been able to set this up. You can't separate the account from Verizon and just have it as a Yahoo account but you CAN separate it from Yahoo and just have it as a Verizon account instead. Keep in mind that if you do this, all current email for the account will be lost because it has been stored on the Yahoo side due to the account being linked to Yahoo. It's possible that you may lose your contacts as well. This process has to be done however before you can keep the email account and this all has to be taken care of BEFORE you cancel your Internet service. We're going to send you a private message with some additional information to help you get this taken care of.




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Thanks very much.  It's been perhaps a year and a half that I've been dealing with this issue, and I finally feel that I'm headed toward a proper resolution.  Thanks again.

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Good afternoon, I hope you're doing well today.


I wanted to send you some information that you will find helpful in resolving your issue.  Please reach back out if need anything else at all.  🙂




To download the emails to your pc we need to set up an email client like outlook or windows mail:
Outlook steps
For the email addressed you currently access via yahoo
In outlook
File -> Info -> add account
Manual setup or additional server types -> POP or IMAP
Server information:
POP3: Incoming mail server: incoming.yahoo.verizon.net
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net
Enter user name and password and if you like check remember password
Select more setting
Outgoing server tab
Check my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
And use same settings as my incoming mail server
Select Advanced tab:
Incoming server (POP 3) 995
Check this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
Outgoing server (SMTP) 465
Use the following type of encrypted connection SSL
Select OK
The same steps need to be taken for the emails only using Verizon except that for the
Server information: use
POP3: Incoming mail server: pop.verizon.net
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.verizon.net
The steps above will allow all the emails in your inboxes to download to your pc in the email client
After that is done
To remove Yahoo and keep only Verizon on the emails using Yahoo
Sign into your acct at http://www.myverizon.com
Click profile -> manage your profile settings
Online experience -> change my online experience

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