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Overload of spam not being detected and filtered

Overload of spam not being detected and filtered

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Hi, i couldnt find where to post a new topic.

it is about spam but somewhat different than this thread .

I want to know why i am getting an over load of spam in my e-mail. its not going to the spam filter or whatever you cal it. so i spend my time deleting these emails.

whats going on? anyone know?


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Spam if not managed snowballs. Verizon has an online spam filter that you would need to go into your email settings to see if its turned on. If it is still turned on and emails are still coming through, those emails would need to be forwarded to spamdetector.notcaught@verizon.net so the senderscan get added to the spam list. If you need further help with checking to see if the spam filters turned on, please send me a private message.


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For what its worth, I haven't noticed any uptick in spam's but you can reduce spam by following these tips.




  1. You should start reporting the spam with a spam button in the webmail client
  2. Forward spam emails that were not caught to spamdetector.notcaught@verizon.net
  3. Set your e-mail filter. An e-mail filter and spam blocking software are absolutely critical. Set these security measures to update automatically to ensure that you are protected from the latest threats.
  4. NEVER reply to spam. Replying to spam, even to "unsubscribe," could set you up for more spam.
  5. Protect your e-mail address and instant message ID. If you must post this information online, set up two identities, one for real use and one for online activities.
  6. Be wary of e-mail attachments. Change the settings on your e-mail program so that images and attachments are not opened automatically. Only open attachments from users known to you.
  7. Watch out for phishing scams. Don't click on links in e-mails or instant messages unless the sender is known to you. Instead, open a separate web browser and visit the site directly.
  8. Create smart and strong passwords. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  9. Never enter your personal information in a pop-up window. You may not be able to tell when a scammer has hijacked a seemingly legitimate site.
  10.  Don't fill out online surveys, or register for contests or fan clubs. These may be fronts for spammers trying to collect your e-mail address.
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Copper Contributor
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when i click on the link for the spam detector. a pop up happens to say, i dont have a connection on this compter and some other stuff to click on. which i wont do.

something is fishy in my book.

i do have my spam detector on. i do mark the spam as spam.

thanks anyway.

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Is there also somewhere to send things that are not spam but are being caught?  or is just marking them as not spam enough?

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@tns wrote:

Is there also somewhere to send things that are not spam but are being caught?  or is just marking them as not spam enough?

That would be spamdetector.update@verizon.net - marking them as not spam should work, but it can't hurt to send them as well.

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 to send it to the spam detector you have to open the spam email. i tried to just check it and click on the action to send it and it opened.  thats not a good thing. i do not want to open those spam mailings.

 i pay to have this service i dont need to deal with spam.

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To be honest, Verizons spam filtering isn't worth the disc space it takes up. I have no clue how Thunderbird dies it but when I tell it a sender is spam, it remebers it and auotmatically puts in a seperate folder. Mybey Verizon should quit screwing around with M$ and work with people that really know how to do it!

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