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Re: Verizon calls my legitimate email "SPAM"

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Re: Verizon calls my legitimate email "SPAM"

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For a 21st Century Internet provider, Verizon is really contorted. "navigating" their excuse for "Help" is like wandering around in a swamp at night. Sign-in doesn't even recognize my Verizon sign-in.


Periodically, when I am forwarding perfectly inoxious emails that Verizon has delivered to MY Inbox, several sent by professional emailing firms, Verizon is refusing to forward them to friends and business contacts based on some hidden 3rd Party "spam" filtering system.


I have tried contacting Verizon Tech Support and end up with some clueless soul in Bangalore. FYI, Verizon Execs, these poor people know far less about the topic than I do.


I have sent regarding this problem into the Verizon supplied eddress. I never receive any response nor is the problem corrected.


I don't get it. How can Verizon allow some 3rd party vendor to prevent a customer from forwarding pertinent business email, which Verizon itself has delivered?? That Verzion has handled the email in the 1st place is contained in the Message Header.


OBTW: today, I tried to use "automated knowledge base" facility. It went to a blank page. That speaks volumes about Verizon management.


Verizon, how about fixing your mess? Correcting your web interface? Bringing the Help Desk back to America where the HelpDeskians at least understand our questions and know something that is not written in an answer book??


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Re: Verizon calls my legitimate email "SPAM"

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Have you figured out a solution yet? I am having the same problem and it is very frustrating. I spent over 12 hours on the phone with verizon in the past 2 weeks over phone and internet issues, and would love to solve this without trying to talk to verizon (or actually listening to a robot.) I would like Verizon's CEO to go on that show "Undercover Boss". That fantasy has kept me somewhat sane during this ordeal!


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Re: Verizon calls my legitimate email "SPAM"

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(standing ovation)


The "Undercover Boss" idea is brilliant.


I have little doubt upper management has a clue what's going on in the trenches.


Just a few of my personal tidbits:


1.hours on-line with a "support" person from...somewhere...trying to fix the non-fixable (yet, and my Web/Email host has been trying as a FAVOR to figure out what's wrong, and I'm a tiny account for them) blocking of port 25, nuking business users from using their own email servers to send mail (it's SO professional to send a $100k proposal from a yahoo, gmail, hotmail or other address...most via webmail because Verizon's server will not work in Outlook with port 587 OR port 25, and gmail will but STILL you can't completely mask the source. - Part 2 - I was told my only hope was to call Verizon Extra - a PAID service - to fix THEIR problem.


2.  Router/wifi problems, were a tech actually said the stock router is not powerful enough for a small 2-story house - so a CS rep decided Verizon should (and did) pay me for a power booster.  I think she's no longer with them.


3.  Billing foulups EVERY time we've added or changed something - SO fouled up I've been assigned ONE rep to call each month to review my bill and ensure the correct credits are applied.


4.  MY favorite - when we first had FIOS installed, the exterior box was installed first (the ONT?).  Verizon screwed up on the followup interior wiring appointment, and when I called to find out why I had a rep insist not only that I was not "me" (she did not recognize a common nickname for "James" - "Jim".but tell me FIOS was not available in my area.  I read her the number off the box and tapped my phone on it, and she STILL insisted it did not exist!


Put the CEO on a support line on Undercover Boss.  Better make sure he has his malaria shots and and an up-to-date passport.


Not many Mensa members in Verizon support.

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Re: Verizon calls my legitimate email "SPAM"

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+1 to everything written above.


I was fine using my own outbound mail server.  And it kept traffic off the Verizon network, but now I must use their server for outbound messages and the filter is killing me.  I am talking about one to one messages with clients - many in reply to their questions!!!!


I get zero help from calling.  Zero satisfaction from any of the on-line FAQs and the best answer I get on this forum is to use gmail.





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