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SPAM Detector tool - info

SPAM Detector tool - info

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Thanks to you both for your replies.  Will try a few other things to get rid of them.  Surprised the SPAM detector is not picking them up. 

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I have spam detector on and still get lots of spam in my inbox. For me its not working. When I get the email i check that they are spam and they go the the spam folder. But then the next day or so i get more of the spam. I m so upset about this. I had msn account and never had this problem. Spam would go directly to junk and never reach my inbox. I have had this problem for months now. Hope you can help me found a solution.

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I have the exact smae problem.  I get repeated spams even with the filter on.  Verizon's spam filter does not work for me.


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My Spam Detector has been on and NO emails are ever caught there.  I bring my Verizon account into Outlook on my laptop and true Junk Mail is caught there.  These are .in and .info emails primarily.  What do I need to do for Spam to be detected?  No, I'm not going to add every address into a block list.  The detector is just not working correctly for me.

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The verizon email does allow you to write filters.  You can block users that contain say ".in".



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Getting a bunch of undetected spam again.   I had to recheck to make sure the spam detector was enabled.  (It was),

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When it come to SPAM Verizon is a pathetic joke!


Sadly, this joke isn't funny, as it is literally destroying our business!


Several times a day we designate incoming e-mails as SPAM, but NEVER - NOT ONCE - has Verizon's crummy spam detection tool blocked any of them from littering our INBOX the very next day - if not sooner!


WHAT'S WORSE is that same piece of crap is blocking outgoing e-mails that we are trying to send to our business partners, vendors, associates and friends.


We have never SPAMMED nor have we ever sent an e-mail to more than 20-25 of our contacts.


To add insult to our ire, that lemon blocks e-mails that we are trying to send to only one of our contacts.


Every time one of our e-mails are erroneously blocked we dutifully forward a copy of the blocked e-mail to Verizon's White List Department @ spamdetector.update@verizon.net, as Verizon requires.


Apparently, they are all either asleep, passed out drunk or just not there, because in the last 36-hours we have forwarded two (2) of our erroneously blocked e-mails - one to a business partner and one to our graphic artist - to them on 7-separate occasions each - all to no avail, as both continue to be blocked.


We have been with Verizon and Verizon Wireless for at least 10-years, and never had a problem that couldn't be fixed.


Well, that is definitely NOT THE CASE with this  SPAM Detector Tool.


You can't disable it, and there is no one at Verizon that can help you.




So if anyone reading this is considering signing up with Verizon FIOS - DON'T DO IT, because you'll be SCREWED JUST LIKE WE ARE!!!


Verizon is so crummy that their own "spell checker" here thinks we should replace "FIOS" with "BIOS" in this posting.



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