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SPAM getting through the detector is past annoying now.

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Copper Contributor
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SPAM getting through the detector is past annoying now.

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Every day (except Saturday morning for some reason..maybe spamers have time off too) I get 10-20 not caught spam.  They almost always have the same ads from Quibids, Simplyink, places like that.   Of course they have forged the return address.  They send them out and the next day, they come from a different source..same GRAPIC of a an ad and same sales pitch..just different sender (made up and forged).


I spend a lot of my time doing the full headers and sending them to the NOT CAUGHT email address..but still they come.  


I have free accounts that block much more spam than this.   I would like to know if/when Verizon is going to put a stop to these spammers?   Verizon knows they are spam because if you try to use the unsubscribe button (tried it out of desperation) you are blocked from sending that unsubscribe email because Verizon says you are sending SPAM.   Now, if Verizon knows that...why are they letting it into my inbox and not blocked it?


I have all my settings set up correctly.  Even had a screen to screen workup with a Verizon rep who said everything looked right and was setup correctly.  Only thing he could offer was to have me show full headers and forward to the not caught email address.   Well, I have been doing that daily for a year or more now.   I'm tired.  


Why not block the IP (it comes from the same IPs or ones that belong to the same group of IPs) and if the IP doesn't like it, tell them to do something about the spammers using their service.  I can always trace them back to the Bay Area of California.  That is one thing that is consistant is the IP's in these spams.  Blocking the fake domains is never going to work since they change them constantly.


PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Yahoo and Gmail are able to block these spammers....maybe find out from them how they are doing it.    My free accounts have it figured out....why not my paid account from Verizon??  Verizon should be better than the free accounts at blocking spam. 

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: SPAM getting through the detector is past annoying now.

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well to quote spamking's blog


"unlike some other big US providers, they're not on the Spamhaus list of the world's worst spam havens for facilitating outbound spam. In fact, the ISP currently has only nine listings on the Spamhaus block list, compared to 217 for MCI."


So i agree they can do a better job at it, but you just kinda gotta work with the system,  keep forwarding the spam's or move over to gmail as an alternative

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Re: SPAM getting through the detector is past annoying now.

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I have Suddenlink at work........and well I never receive this junk like Verizon. Maybe you should steal their secrets!

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