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Verizon's spam filtering is useless. I cannot put it any other way. This morning I marked nine emails as spam. I have marked the same emails for the last several months as spam. There were two emails in my spam folder and those two emails were both legitimate. The two Verizon marked as spam I have marked them as not spam I do not know how many times but I have done so for at least a year. The nine that were actual spam, and I can tell they are spam just looking at the subject line, I have marked these over and over as spam for months. But, does Verizon's spam filtering ever get any better - NO. . . Verizon's email filtering SUCKS, SUCKS, and SUCKS some more. . . They need to hire another firm like GOOGLE to handle their email.
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You could simply not use Verizon's email.  That's what I do.  That way I get better email service and I don't have to worry about changing my email address should I switch from Verizon.


Good Luck.


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I have to agree with you.  I always mark spam as spam, and have forwarded spam to an email address that Verizon provided to catch spam that was being missed.  None of this made any difference and spam to my inbox has increased to the point where most days I get more spam than actual email.  It's hard to believe that a communications firm like Verizon does such a poor job at spam management when compared to other services like Yahoo where I have an account.

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