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Three times in as many weeks, I have logged into my email only to find only one or two emails left -- all the other emails have  been deleted. And "NO" I do not have any rule or setting that is causing this to occur. I sent an email to customer service regarding this problem only to be told that I needed to contact live chat customer service. Of course, each time I have attempted to do this, I get the error message that "live chat is not available at this time" possibly because of high call volume. Gee, I wonder why this might be the case?? Is it because everyone else is complaining about the same problem?? So my next order of business will be to call customer service and cancel my Verizon account altogether. I think Harvard Business School should use Verizon as a case study on how NOT to run a business. Seems to me if Verizon took some of the millions of dollars it gives to Arnold for advertising and redirected them to -- get this -- QUALITY SERVICE -- business might actually improve through positive word of mouth.

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If you are using pop3 with an external mail program like Outlook, thunderbird or windows live mail, you do need to adjust your settings in those programs to leave a copy of mail on server.  Otherwise, if you delete an email in an external program like those above, it will also delete your online copy if you then try to use web mail to access.

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Besides what tahoejoe said above, there is a limited time that Verizon will hold messages on the e-mail server.



From this message board for example, click on Terms and Conditions -> Verizon Online Consumer Service Agreements and Policies -> Email Policy


One of the things that it says is..



All email in your inbox or personal folders that is either unread or marked unread will be deleted after 90 days.



So, after you have a copy of the message(s) in your POP3/SMTP client you could:


#1 Mark them as read, online.


#2 Move them out of the inbox folder, and into your own personal folder.

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I’m sorry to hear about your issue. We’ll be in contact so that we can work with you to resolve this. On the Support page, the Chat link does take a moment to load, so you may see the "live chat is not available at this time" message prior to that.
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I'm also experiencing the same issue.  I find the email is deleted from my inbox and is moved to the trash folder automatically.  I'm also using Yahoo mail on my iPhone and of course that mail also disappears.  I've checked all my setting on Verizon Yahoo mail and haven't found anything that would lead to this behavior.


My husband sent me an email yesterday morning and it was deleted this morning.  I mention this because this indicates it isn't a spam setting.   I verified that this isn't a  phone issue because I recently upgraded to the iPhone4.


It is very frustrating and might cause me to use another mail service if it can't be resolved soon.

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This most definitely sounds like you have a local mail client (or the iPhone) set to retrieve messages from the server and have not checked the setting to leave messages on the server.  So they are essentially being moved to the mobile device and are then automatically deleted by the server.



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First thing I would do is reset the password you use to check webmail, and not change it in any email clients you are using. If that resolves the issue, you can update your clients one at a time to see which one is pulling the mail off of the server.


If you're not using an email client, then missing mail could mean someone else is accessing your account, which calls for a password reset anyway.


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I don't know if this applies in the initial poster's case, but I had a similar panic and just realized I probably caused the problem. 


Situation: I checked my Verizon Yahoo emails several times yesterday via the website and with my BlackBerry.  Each time, emails that had been in my inbox were mysteriously moved to the trash.  Weird, none of the emails was more than a week or so old.  Each time, I took the emails out of the trash and put them back in the inbox where they belonged, getting a little more anxious every time I did it.  This morning, I checked my messages via the website and there were NO emails in my inbox and NO emails in my trash.  What the....?!  Where are my messages!?


Solution (I think): I set my new home PC up with Outlook, POP3, and SMTP to download my Verizon Yahoo messages.  Normally, I don't leave Outlook open.  In fact, normally I don't even leave the PC turned on.  But I was in the middle of watching some Olympic replays and I paused it so I could pick up where I left off.  The PC isn't turned off and I probably left Outlook open.  Meanwhile, I recently upgraded to Office 2010 and, now that I think about it, I bet the "send/receive" function is set to automatically check for messages every x minutes.  On my old PC, I had changed that to send/receive only on demand.  Conclusion: I think my home PC is moving and removing my Verizon Yahoo messages.  Oops.  I'll check that out when I get home, but I'm 99% sure that's what's happening.

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