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Security Certificate Errors

Security Certificate Errors

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My browser (IE) is telling me there are security certificate errors on Verizon Yahoo's new mail page.  Is anyone else seeing the same thing?


What is a security certificate error?  Is it really something with the Verizon Yahoo site?  Who is responsible for fixing it?   Verizon or Yahoo?  What are the consequences as far as my safety is concerned?  Could IE be in error?

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Most likely Yahoo.


Yes certificate errors are potentially important.  Essentially the "trust" is lost.  You theoretically could be going to a  dangerous site. 


But regrettably even major companies forget to get new certificates installed before the old ones expire.


Note the certificate error could also be on your side if you do not get the Major certificate (for the various certificate authorities )updates installed on your machine.  For windows, for example, Microsoft sends out update these periodically but often marks them as optional.  Without these a valid certificate would show a certificate error if the certificate authority had updated their certificates and you didn't have these.

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Thanks for your reply.


How do I find out if Microsoft has certificate oriented updates that I have not installed?  I've got my OS set up for automatic updates, but only the critical ones.   I'd be wiling to install an update manually if it would make certificate evaluation more accurate.

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Root certificates for Windows Vista and 7, are apparently more automatic,  That is something I only found out when checking for them see (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125).  But are not for Windows XP or earlier.  I knew I was still seeing them but I still run XP as a virtual PC on My windows 7 computer.  Latest root certificates for xp came out in March.  For Windows XP run windows (or microsoft) update and look for root certificates in your optional fixes.  You should see Update for Root Certificates [March 2011] (KB931125)



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Thanks for the help. Will try and run windows as advised.

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