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Setting up email in Windows 8 - does not support PoP3 email accounts???

Setting up email in Windows 8 - does not support PoP3 email accounts???

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Hello, I just bought a new PC and it came with the new Microsoft Windows 8 pre-loaded on it.  I have been using the previous version on Windows Live 2011 email client to get my multiple email accounts.  Now this new version on Windows does NOT support PoP3 email accounts and is suggesting that I contact my service provider and request either an IMAP or EACS account.


Does Verizon support their email service to use something other than PoP3 accounts?  If so, how do I setup?  If not, what does Verizon plan on doing for support in Windows 8?


I would rather not have to install old software to make this work amnd logging into a separate web account is too cumbersome to do regularly.  Can you offer some options for me?

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Go Back to Windows Live.  It always was a seperate free downloadable product.  Its not obsolete.  Or use one of dozens of other free email programs such as Thunderbird.


Microsoft is begin dumb in not supporting in windows 8 directly, although they do have a workaround of using outlook.com.

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Second the above. It was silly for Microsoft to not include suport for POP3 using the default mail client in Windows 8, but short of Microsoft including a hotfix or someone creating a patch for the program, there isn't much we can do. I would suggest using another mail client. Windows Live or Thunderbird are great choices to use. If you're already using such a program on a separate computer, it should be easy to import your mail so your older e-mails are still present.

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I just got a new computer with windows 8 I did what it said to set up my email but I am not getting any mail  I signed into my verizon web mail and still nothing. i really need my email since I have a home business to run and this is not working without email. My son even signed me up with other email accounts and still will not pull in my verizon mail. HELP

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I bought the new HP Envy 23 which uses windows 8 and love it but hated gmail!  My email is with Verizon.net but I have been getting it through Windows Live. So I called Microsoft tech support and the tech took over my computer and downloaded Windows Live so now I have my Verizon email back!! I called the Verizon tech support and he said they are still working with Microsoft on the POP issue but the micro tech said no way will micro bring it back because they consider POP to be obsolete.


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I agree what is Verizon going to do - My PC crashed - good thing I had export and backed up my PST file - Now I have nowhere to import them - And there is no support for this problem - Where do I get the IMAP settings? How do I import my old old email files?

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This is just like when 7 didn't have a mail client. you can go out and get a pop client they are normally free..



Perhaps a CL or someone can be kind enough to provide links to some of the pop clients.


pop3 clients

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FYI:  For those with "Me Too" type posts who are posting for the first time...


You are hijacking the Original Poster's (msinno2) thread and you should create your own thread with your own particular problem.  This way you will get personal attention and a reply for one poster won't be construed or viewed as a reply to another.


Sometimes there is a valid "Me Too" type response where multiple posters have the EXACT SAME issue.  However that is often not the case as in the case of this thread.


The simple answer for Windows 8 Verizon email support is to obtain and use a POP3/SMTP email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or one of the many olthers that exist.


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I agree, I have a computer with loads of problems and has Windows Live on it which i used, now I have a PC with Windows 8  and need my e-mail moved to it, I have a Outlook app on it but can't get it to work either.

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I have Windows 8 and was told that it does not recognize Verizon pop3 server. That I need to change to IMAP in order to use Outlook Express, which I want to use. When I called Verizon to see about this, I was told that Verizon is not up to date with Windows 8. That was a few months ago. Have things changed yet or will it? I am sure there are plenty of other people out there wanting to know the same thing since all you can get now on a computer is Windows 8.
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