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Setting up my Verizon email on my new Andriod phone

Setting up my Verizon email on my new Andriod phone

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I work on a PC with an Windows XP platform and have Verizon High Speed Internet.  My email accounts are set up on Outlook Express with Verizon.  I just purchased an Android phone and want to be able to view my emails from my PC on the phone.  I've set it up according to Verizon's instructions, but it does not work properly.  I also have a gmail account and it is working great.  Any ideas on how I can get the Verizon emails to work would be much appreciated. 

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Set up Email option 


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So click on the link that says Set up Email option 

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If you do not have Outlook Express set to leave a copy of your messages on the server, you won't be able to pull the same messages to your phone. Verizon doesn't offer IMAP access like Gmail does, and they have stated that they are not likely to do so in the future.

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These instructions seem to be outdated and irrelevant with current Android v4.1.1.  But at the same time, the automated setup in the new OS seems to create account setting sthat are incorrect.  I have had numerous sync issues with this account.  the latest was a valentine's email to several which wsa stuck in my OutBox.  I could not open it, as the Email app sad the message could not be accessed because it was in the process of being sent.  But that process of sending has been going on for more than 24 hours.  With or without WiFi.

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I just started having the exact same issue on my Android phone that I have been using for more than a year.  I cannot send messages from my phone, but no problem receiving.

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i'm having the same issues, i had my verizon.net & yahoo both configured through the email app. on my Droid; about a week into using the email, i kept getting "sign in unsuccessful"  and i constatnly have to re-enter it, and then i have emails stuck in both my yaoo & verizon.net accounts that seem to be stuck in transit.  Very frustrating, i have reached out to vzw on about 3 to 4 cases.  Everything that they had me try did not work.  I don't undersand why the outlook.com android app. won't work? i tried it thinking it would, but it didn't, becuase it's @verizon.net.  I am curisous as to why vzw just doesn't have an app. (say like gmail and yahoo have)? that would solve this problem.  It's really frustarting!

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You need to review your email settings to make sure they are current.  In particular you need to check that you are using the new servers


IF not using yahoo/verizon email

The yahoo/verizon servers are

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