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Shutting down email

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Probably the reverse question then most people ask.  I've terminated my NY service.  However my email is still active.  I want it to start rejecting all email with account not found, so people get the hint to use my FL email which has been active for nearly three years. 

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I believe that Verizon does shut down the account eventually. In the meantime, you can set it to auto-reply to everyone who sends an email to that address.


The steps are pretty simple: (Do these from the webmail panel - https://webmail.verizon.com )


Away Messages -- enabling and disabling

  1. Select Settings from the top navigation.

  2. Select Email Settings>Vacation Reply.

  3. Checkmark Yes next to Enable auto-reply to incoming messages.

  4. Enter your message in the Message field.

  5. Click Save to apply changes. To disable your away message, select the No button next to Enable auto reply to incoming messages and click Save.

 You can use those steps to setup "Vacation Reply" (Also known as Auto-Reply).


Hope this could help! Smiley Happy

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I actually previously tried that and its not working.  The vacation mode isn't staying set, perhaps because the account is officially closed. 

The announced change might mean that the email won't close for 6 months.  Even longer if I don't stop logging on to check for email (from a client0.  Particularly worried about closing bill not being properly handled so I have it checking. 

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