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Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Bronze Contributor II
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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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This may help all of you regarding spam


Also a few things to remember about online email. Verizon's site was designed for Internet Explorer. If you’re using another browser (Firefox, safari etc...), then it may work to some degree, but you will not have a good experience accessing the site with other web browsers. If you use the Verizon webmail site and an email client (outlook, outlook express, Mac mail etc...) together, then if the email client is not configured correctly. You will see emails located on one computer, but not on another and the same thing with the webmail site. What I mean by this is that the Verizon email service is a POP3 type email. You must make sure that you leave a copy on the server (leave a copy on the webmail site after the email client downloads the emails to your computer). If this is not done correctly on one computer and is done correctly on another, then you will sometimes see an email message on one computer, but no on another. This is because the computer was not setup to leave a copy on the server and allowed the site to remove it from the webmail view. The email policy is located here.


Last make sure that your web browser is up to date and has all the latest plug-in (java, flash etc...). This is usually the cause of most of people’s frustrations when going online. If your system is not up to date and the site you’re accessing is up to date, then how do you expect your experience to be good if your system does not have the correct files to function right. The site you go to does not update your system files for you. I rarely have issues accessing a website or viewing sites the way they were meant to be seen because I keep my system updated. If you have done all what I noted above, then you have a legitimate issue and should contact Tech Support and have them report the issue.

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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 I like you, keep everything in my computer updated an well as the software and apps on my phone. Infact, some might say I'm somewhat obsessive about updating. 


my email is set up correctly. This is not my first rodeo with Outlook or a smart phone.


I have tried chrome, Firefox, Safari AND IE. Still the same problem. Any other suggestions?


And finally, I am a Mother of 3 pre-teen and teenage kids and a wife of a husband who sleeps while I work and works while I sleep. I depend on nobody but myslef to get things done. I am not the type who waits for someone else to notice that her car needs an oil change or new tires or who waits for someone else to resolve my Verizon internet issues . 

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Okay, I'm new here.  I had what I thought was a legitimate question.  Then I figure, what the heck, let's post a few more annoyances - -  


I do NOT understand why they don't respond to EVERY question.  I mean aren't they suppose to be providing service, no matter how the request comes in? How about it Verizon? What's your response to this?

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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@amatchmaker wrote:


I do NOT understand why they don't respond to EVERY question.  I mean aren't they suppose to be providing service, no matter how the request comes in? How about it Verizon? What's your response to this?

If you are talking about the forums here, clearly you are missing something


At this site, it clearly says.


The Verizon Community Forums are where customers help other customers.


If you are the original poster (OP) and your issue is solved, please remember to click the "Solution?" button so that others can more easily find it. If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the "Kudos" button.


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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Quite honestly, I have had excellent help from customers on the forums, and some advice that was not too good.  Likewise, I have had great help from from some Verizon techs and some terrible treatment from others.  My solution is to hang up and call again and get another tech.  Such is life! Get used to it and don't expect to always get treated like a prima donna.Smiley Wink

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Wow! I could have wrote that same email. I too am frustrated with marking eamils as spam over and over again. Also have the deleting email issues. I have been trying to get live chat going today and have been unable to do so. It prompts me to enter zip code and then nothing happens. Based on what you wrote, it seems that I will not get a resolution anyway.

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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I wholeheartedly agree with the other posters. Verizon spam blocker does NOT work. Case closed. ILike others, it is simply not worth the agravation trying to contact tech support. Since Ive had verizon for about 3yrs it has NEVER worked. Contacted verizon when first installed to no avail. Verizon must know it doesnt work but simply does not care to fix it. After all, were already customers. Face it Verizon simply does not care to fix the problem on a system wide basis. They have already been notified it doesnt work and they JUST DONT CARE.

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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I had this problem for a while when trying to enable spam blocking for one of my many sub accounts:


Unable to update Spam Detector Settings


It's out of your control.  Open a chat with Verizon to resolve.  They found the problem after only a few minutes.  It was described to me as a backend database issue.  Once it was fixed I could use the feature.  Had nothing to do with the browser, cache, cookies.....

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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I recently replied to msmoonmist with regard to SPAM perhaps users may find this useful or not


..As for others complaining about SPAM blocker settings, I have this to say. First off from what I've experience with Verizon and other providers I subscribed to "SPAM blocker" is always on by default however seems some individuals have had issues with certain domains/internet addresses were proving to be problematic. So the problem of setting the actual 'blocker' to allow rather than 'to block' seems to be the 'real' issue for these people. They need to find out from that  host or domain why it is being refused by Verizon. I only say this because many businesses and/or workplaces control whom and what actually passes through their company's firewall. Whilst contrary to popular belief some company (Verizon, AOL, etc.,) will let their own affiliates and/or partners through without regard to those individual/entities privacy policy of which Verizon, AOL, etc., have no control over.


In truth I've received very little SPAM in my Verizon account perhaps a few slipped through but most junk mail of this nature are phishing scams looking for material for mailings lists. This is evidenced by the less than random nature of the recipients that are for the most part alphabetically arranged and the sender gains access via spoofed legitimate address, no legitimate firewalls or SPAM blocker can really stop this without the recipients assistance or participation. Setting up your personal preference for specific allowances for any access to yours or any e-mail account will minimize the problem even further. If I leave my box open to "anybody" than "anybody" can send me e-mail, however if I create a select list of the parties I wish to be contacted this in manner than I can have some controls over to whom and what I receive. Similarly if I demand that I only receive e-mail with singular addressee per e-mail from those individuals than I can protect myself even farther. You see it's those multi- or bulk mailings that open you up to e-mail vulnerabilities because you can't control all those recipients at once. Or whom they have tagged along with or unwittingly become a party to. I'll give odds that one of those individuals is a unwitting list creator or collector and you're just along for the ride. FW'd are notorious for this and very hard to block. I've even received FW: FW: that weren't forwards at atl, they were simply initial mailings created to look like a 'forward'. Try some of my suggestions supplied in linked forum page.


Now on to web accessed e-mail most problems have resulted from poor scripting of the web page itself (JavaScript errors). I have experienced problems as a result of filtering out 'mega' adservers and trackers on the web, Verizon being a party to some of them. I don't need any product endorsements or advertising directly marketed to me or my tastes, however if you need this stuff than just leave the domain/website blocking or popup settings alone in your web browser. If you're interested or just curious just Google opt-out to find the endless list of services and links providing info on advertising and direct marketing links for the op-outs. It's funny to find some of Verizon's own partners on this endlessly growing list of adservers serving up your web browsing experiences on a silver platter to advertisers, SPAMmers & Mailing lists that feed out of this  bottomless pit. Its just like the links in a chain ..One bad link and whole integrity of the chain is weakened. Same goes for your Internet protections.


So if  JAVA scripting on the Verizon's pages are causing the loading problem than you may need direct your attention to JAVA itself (perhaps upgrade is warranted) or the actual scripting itself is affected then check your browser controls or setting.


If your using Outlook or some such software than you need to block the SPAM through that software because those e-mail clients download e-mail wholesale and therefore they are on your computer no longer at Verizon's server at least that the theory, they might still reside there depending on the setting of your EClient however the physical readable portion now reside on your computer. This mass download includes any and all such mailings not detected at the Verizon mail-server end.

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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In addition, here are some best practices for reducing spam that we've all come to discover.



  1. You should start reporting the spam with a spam button in the webmail client
  2. Forward spam emails that were not caught to
  3. Set your e-mail filter. An e-mail filter and spam blocking software are absolutely critical. Set these security measures to update automatically to ensure that you are protected from the latest threats.
  4. NEVER reply to spam. Replying to spam, even to "unsubscribe," could set you up for more spam.
  5. Protect your e-mail address and instant message ID. If you must post this information online, set up two identities, one for real use and one for online activities.
  6. Be wary of e-mail attachments. Change the settings on your e-mail program so that images and attachments are not opened automatically. Only open attachments from users known to you.
  7. Watch out for phishing scams. Don't click on links in e-mails or instant messages unless the sender is known to you. Instead, open a separate web browser and visit the site directly.
  8. Create smart and strong passwords. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  9. Never enter your personal information in a pop-up window. You may not be able to tell when a scammer has hijacked a seemingly legitimate site.
  10. Don't fill out online surveys, or register for contests or fan clubs. These may be fronts for spammers trying to collect your e-mail address


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