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Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Hubrisnxs 06-07-2012 11:52 AM "In addition, here are some best practices for reducing spam that we've all come to discover. .. Here's just a few notable problems with your list


3. Set your e-mail filter. An e-mail filter and spam blocking software are absolutely critical. Set these security measures to update automatically to ensure that you are protected from the latest threats. ...This is highly dependent on whether you use webmail or Outlook or some other such software client. Because Verizon 'webmail' has such a limited number of blocking descriptors ...I believe its set at about 10, not nearly enough to reasonably block a plethora of SPAM specifically designed to get past such mediocre defenses. This type defense whilst using 'webmail' is kindergarten for SPAMMERS and the like. Then again an external client may provide the better defense with the offers of more controls but a real pain-in-the-butt to set up by the average user who would need to know everything Verizon does regarding SPAM in order to protect themselves reasonably well, because e-mailings are delivered in mass to the 'e-mail client' and then filtered out other words they are on your computer already, no longer at Verizon's server. Something to consider 🙂


4. NEVER reply to spam. Replying to spam, even to "unsubscribe," could set you up for  In addition to my above comments, you would have defend yourself against 'spoofed mailings' those mailings usually appear legit probably because of a prior harvesting of your e-mail contact list through the process I laid out 06-04-2012 08:35 AM furthering the dilemma of whether to open / reply or not. The 'spoof' mailing would not pose such a risk if open whilst on Verizon's server however if you use a e-mail client that risk is transferred to where that mailing actually now resides or was downloaded. Most of these e-mailings are just phishing schemes utilizing a dictionary-type attack.


NOTE: If you don't know what a 'dictionary attack' is just take a gander at the header of one of those suspicious e-mailings, i.e. those recipients are alphabetical ...hence they all get mailed but only some actually get through or get a response. They are just utilizing the law of averages versus response. No response but it still got through means that it is viable attack point or open doorway that can further exploited.


8. Create smart and strong passwords. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.   To the best of my knowledge 'logon' for Verizon is still restricted to letters and numbers only, no special characters are allowed. I have tried in earnest to alter my 'login pass' to that of one with special characters with no avail. I wait with baited breath for Verizon to finally enter the 21st Century with this technology. AMERICA ONLINE has similar problem and they've been around for years, however Google & Yahoo have joined the 21st Century with the ability to utilize this more secure in their login procedure. This much needed feature would increase your password's security , a thousand fold, thus making it that much harder to access account/password/etc., via simple 'dictionary attack', rudimentary knowledge of every kindergarten 'hacker' or 'cracker'.  Re-read the 'dictionary attack' comment above.


10. Don't fill out online surveys, or register for contests or fan clubs. These may be fronts for spammers trying to collect your e-mail address ...this is blatantly apparent after read through all the above information. And of course painfully obvious had you ever done so in the past.


This is why I have no information in my Verizon account about me that couldn't be found in a common telephone book. I have no address book, no residual mail i.e. password requests or similar inquiries made through my account. All that can be found at present is that I exist at Verizon and until more secure features are implemented that's the way its gonna stay. For the more secure exchanges I utilize my Google & Yahoo accounts where I can remain secure and anonymous.

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Anyone notice the more you send to spamdetector. ( the more spam we get? It seems like when ever I send stuf to them from Outlook, I start getting more trash from their servers, or through their spam filters.

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Re: Spam Blocker? One more reason to HATE Verizon!

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Nope.  I definitely see some slight decline.  But yes there still is too much spam coming through their filter.  For the most annoying I tend to add filters on the Verizon site.

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