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Spam Filtering

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Spam Filtering

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There's definitely been a change for the worse in the quality of Verizon's spam filter. Used to be it would flag all my spam AND it wouldn't mislabel anything legitimate as spam.


But something's happened in the last couple of months with Verizon's spam filter. Not only did I start getting spam in my Outlook inbox, but I discovered that Verizon was putting e-mails I was expecting to receive into the webmail spam folder. This did not use to happen. And they delete them after three days (IIRC). So I had to start going in regularly to Verizon webmail to see what it had mistakenly flagged as spam this time, so I coiuld retrieve it manually before they deleted it. Eventually I got sick and tired of jumping through these hoops and simply turned off the now nearly useless Verizon spam filter. Everything goes straight into Outlook (my AV suite does a much better filtering job anyway) and I don't have the extra steps of visiting Verizon's website and logging in. But it's still a hassle because now I have to clean out the Outlook junk mail folder, whereas previously hardly anything ever went into it.


It wouid be appreciated if an official Verizon representative would come into this forum to explain just what the heck they did that has screwed up their spam filter -- and what they intend to do to fix it.



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Re: Spam Filtering

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So far having spam go to spam folder instead of automatically deleting emails seems a lot safer. Since I am new to verizon I haven't gotten much spam. I am more concerned about good emails being tagged as spam. I eyeball the spam folder and if all is spam it's easy enough to EMPTY the spam filter with just one click. I am glad I found out that some good emails had been deleted when I did. Otherwise I never would have checked the spam settings that verizon automatically set up.

Thanks for reply. Good to know that others have also had good emails tagged as spam. Seems kind of hit and miss.

Mary lou

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Re: Spam Filtering

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Verizon has a REAL problem on their hands, and nobody seems to be either A) Actively trying to fix it...(no notices of said actions!), B) Knows there is a problem (Impossible!), C) care to fix the problem (could it be?), or D) KNOWS HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM!
Going from 2-10 junk/spam/ phising e-mails a day, of the typical variety of drug companies, viagra, and assorted sexual
type, to close to 500 a day is intolerable, unacceptable, and VERY dangerous!  The consequences could be financially devastating if you [MIS], [Delete], or somehow move legitimate mail contact into the Junk filter.  This would be easy to do
when you are bombarded with hundreds, upon hundreds of messages!
VERIZON Tech support, is basically good for absolute novices to computers,  With the REAL SUPPORT personal not picking up phones, or replying to e-mails.  Instead, Verizon thinks it acceptable to relegate [issues] to third party support people in Costa Rica or the Far East.  While they maybe nice, or even smart..They aren't REAL tech support!  tech support, should and in Verizon's case, MUST have an active, working understanding of networking, IP, computer language, and software in order to generally answer a question.  Going to a company provide manual, or worse, WASTING MY TIME, YOUR TIME for an hour, THEN passing the buck to another person, who too, knows less than nothing, is unacceptable.
I Have all my SPAM settings on max, I have preset filters, I have forwarded to VERIZON well over 1500 messages in the past 5 days, and yet not as much as a courtesy reply.
One thing left to do...Walk into a Time Warner Center and switch.
VERIZON; Your Customer support B L O W S ...period !  Get real Americans, in AMERICA, who are real computer people.

ANd you want us to support Fios >>>> Must be a joke.


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Copper Contributor
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Re: Spam Filtering

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I hear your frustration. I too have had issues with customer service. Hours on phone recently to fix the mess they made of a bill. And I DO HATE IT when they pass you to someone else and you have to start explaining all over again. I have not yet had to tango with tech support but have heard of nightmares from a few neighbors. But, unfortunately for me the only options for high-speed internet where we live is verizon DSL. And that was only deployed a month or so ago. I must say we are very happy with the service.


As for the emails/spam issues. You would think with all the posts calling attention to the problems that they would fix the problem. When we had our old dial-up it was a pain to have to add new filters each time some new fangled thing came out that they were trying to sell you. 


I hope your issues get resolved soon. It's as annoying as telemarketers. I have fun with my new caller ID and keep a list of them and then go report them to do not It has actually cut down on the spam calls after doing this awhile. 


Wouldn't you love to be able to flood the spammers' email box with junk like they do yours? Oh wait - that would be considered spamming. Do they really think folks will buy medical insurance or meds from who-knows-where because of some email ad?



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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Spam Filtering

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Nothing really changed.  Probably those getting more spam have just gotten on one of the spam lists that the various spammers share with each other.


I have two email's with Verizon.  One has never gotten spam, the other gets 10 or so a day.


Yes it would be nice if Verizon's Spam detector worked better.   BUt you get what you pay for, i.e. its a free offering.


And yes you don't want it to just delete "spam" as I do get false positives on both of my email accounts.

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Re: Spam Filtering

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I am fed up with Verizon's Web Client/Servers. The Spam is unbearable. The filters are inconsistant moving some email to the spam box that is valid spam and some that are from my contacts. The filters also leave a significant amount of spam in my inbox. Why is the spam button on the interface? When you click spam, the spam emails continue to end up in my inbox. Check out the Yahoo email client. When you click on spam, the future emails all end up in the spam folder as they should!


I have also set up emails and domains to block in the Verizon email settings. That doesn't work either. Maybe Verizon should hire programmers that test their software!


Bye-Bye Verizon Webmail. Free Yahoo/Gmail/Outlook are much better options!

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