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Spam filter is still not working

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Spam filter is still not working

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Spam filter still doesnt seem to do anything except move the email to another location - the spam filter folder.

When will this work properly to block future incoming email and send to spam folder?  Why do we have to wait so long for it to work? If we pay for this service, how come we still pay if things arent working?  That isnt fair.  We are not getting any value from this.


Also, I have been entering my email addressl in the UNSUBSCRIBE box that you get to by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of these spam emails, but does that really work or does that just add me to more lists??  The spam keeps growing. Some spam email doesnt even have the unsubscribe option. That is where we need help from Verizon.  Please help with this.  This is too long of a wait here.  

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Re: Spam filter is still not working

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First of all, know that you're talking to other customers here.  If you want to talk to Verizon you need to call or chat with them.


Never, ever, click "unsubscribe" on a spam message.  This confirms to the spmers that your email address is valid and it will be added to even more spam lists.


The only time to use unsubscribe is when the sender is obviously a valid company that you no longer want to receive emails from.


Verizon doesn't control spam or the presence or absence of unsubscribe options.  Again, as noted above, you don't want to use unsubsrcibe on spam messages.  It is really a "subscribe to more spam" button.


Verizon's email service is not the best in the market.  Many people use gmail, outlook or other free email services that offer much better features and spam control.  This also has the added benefit of de-coupling your email account from your ISP.  That way, if you ever change ISPs you don't have to change email addresses.




Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 265
Registered: ‎09-26-2011

Re: Spam filter is still not working

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So clicking that spam button doesnt do anything but stick the spam email into a spam folder?


I used to use Outlook Express, but there were always issues with the Fios email not downloading so i chose to use the verizon email.  I thought that clicking on SPAM made it recognize the email as spam.  I guess it just moves it to spam folder.

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Re: Spam filter is still not working

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Verizon spam filter is a joke!!

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