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Spam filter not working on info@ messages

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Spam filter not working on info@ messages

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The problem is that in this example the domain is but this changes as well. e.g. or many other stupid names. the only consistent part of the address is info@. So I did the following which doesnt work.


1.    Settings --> email settings --> filters --> Add New Filter


If From Contains info delete


Click on "Save"


Yes, regular expressions would be nice. Still it seems like a simple filter that Verizon's system should handle.




Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Re: Spam filter not working on info@ messages

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I am not sure that the Webmail filters for the "From:" field works on the email address rather on the name associated with the email address.  There are two parts to the field.  The email address and the text associted to that address.  Example:

"Mr. Joe E. Public" <>


So Webmail filters may work on what's with the paired double quotes ("") but not what's in the brackets (<>) which are the delimeters of the field sub-types.


Therefore the rules...

If From Contains Joe E. Public delete  <--- works


How exactly it works is a mystery but we knolw there are limitations.


The Blocking ability will work on an email address or just a Domain.  However these lists are limited in scope, capabilities and total number of rules.  Thus we are back at an email client to handle it.  I consider the filters on Webmail ONLY a first line of defense and only for simple rules like...


If Subject Contains Viagra delete

If From Contains Cialis delete



But I have more complex rules in my email client.  My client of choice is Pegasus Mail and it has several layers of spam filtering from White and Black listing, a bayesian spam filter which "learns", POP3 filtering (if a rule is met the email is deleted from server and is never downloaded) and regular expressions.  It can work on text within the headers and text just in the body or text in both the header and body.


When dealing with such spam as you have that eminate from a info@*.com email address it can be handled by an email client that uses Regular Expressions (RegEx).  it can be used such as...


If Header contains "*info@*.com*" Delete

Other common cdenominatos of this "spam family" could also be determined and acted upon.  the question is can it be done with the super simplistic capabilities of Webmails filters and the answer is most likely probably not.



I once had a problem where the spam was always sent from an IP address from within the IP Range - [ Iasi Romania ] .  I used a set of rules using RegEx that completely mitigated these messages.


If Header contains "*46.102.17[6-9].[0-9]+*" Delete
If Header contains "*46.102.18[0-9].[0-9]+*" Delete
If Header contains "*46.102.19[0-1].[0-9]+*" Delete

Which covers the IP range of Iasi Romania.
The Lithium Software sux !!
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Re: Spam filter not working on info@ messages

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Try this....get a gmail account...set gmail email filters...forward all email from verizon to gmail....stop using verizon for your email readers

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Spam filter not working on info@ messages

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It's ridiculous that Verizon's spam filtering works much worse than the spam detection in a free e-mail client like Thunderbird. I get a lot of spam that is not detected by Verizon, but Thunderbird catches it. However as the original poster mentioned, filtering in a client on a PC does not help when reading mail on an iPad.


We are paying Verizon so much money every month, why can't they buy better spam filtering? How come a free program like Thunderbird can do such a better job of spam filtering?

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