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Strange New Email Server Settings

Strange New Email Server Settings

Contributor hmil3
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Registered: ‎02-17-2017
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As you probably know, Verizon switched all its users to Aol mail and specified certain settings for the incoming and outgoing servers (Incoming server -- pop.verizon.net and Outgoing server -- smtp.verizon.net) . When I couldn't receive mail this morning, I checked the settings and for some odd reason, they had changed to the following:
Incoming server: pop.mail.yahoo.com
Outoing server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

I tried to correct the account server settings, but Outlook 365 seems to have changed the way to accomplish this and would not allow me to do so. I went through the "Repair" option and chose the option to do so manually, but I kept getting the message that Outlook could not make the changes and I should contact my administrator. I went through the MS Office repair process under Programs and Features in the Control Panel. This reinstalled Office and it allowed me to receive mail again, but the servers in Outlook are still through Yahoo. It's possible that at one time I may have installed my Yahoo acct in Outlook 365, but if I did, I deleted it and I have not used it in years. The only accts I have installed are Verizon and Gmail. I checked my desktop (also running Win 10 and Office 365) and it too has the yahoo servers in the settings. My wife's desktop, running Win 10 and Outlook 2007, has the proper Verizon settings. Does anyone know how in the heck my Verizon settings changed to Yahoo servers and better yet, how to change them back?????

Contributor MailBroken
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Registered: ‎11-29-2018
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I have the same exact problem that started on 11/12/2018. I'm legacy verizon.net email user. Switched to AOL in time to keep my verizon.net email address. Worked fine until the 12th. I think I can send but I cannot receive. Reverted hard drive back to 11/8/18 and email worked once and updated to the 17th. When I try to repair my servers in Outlook 2016 they always go back to pop.mail.yahoo.com and same for smtp. Been trying everything I could find on web help for over a week without success. Tried the same things as you, reinstall/repair Office Profesional Plus 2016. Still NG. Does anyone know what happened? Russia? Stuxnet? **bleep**!! Maybe time to call Verizon. They don't support mail but I still pay the same.

Contributor NSAGLIAN
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This issue appeared today for me. I have had an issue with retreiving my email (verzion.net account) for the past two months, where my Outlook 2016 (not Office 365, not Outlook.com) fails to download messages, and Outlook 2016 asks to save my password. After that dialog box is accepted, Outlook 2016 displays an error message Task 'xxxx@verizon.net (1) - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC92) : 'Your email server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password for this account in Account Settings.  The server responded: -ERR [SYS/TEMP] Server error - Please try again later.' I have verified my POP3 and SMTP setting exhausively, and they are usually correct. Sometimes, I have seen the 

Incoming server: pop.mail.yahoo.com
Outoing server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

configuration, but not every time i receive the "Email server rejected your login".

I tried to have AOL paid support troubleshoot, but the agent was clueless!

However, we did correct the settings from the yahoo server settings to the correct settings (according to AOL support page: https://help.aol.com/articles/how-do-i-set-up-other-email-applications-to-send-and-receive-my-verizo...

The correct settings are:

Incoming server: pop.verizon.net
Outoing server: smtp.verizon.net

To get to the settings in Outlook 2016, try this:

from Outlook, type the keys CNTRL-ALT-S

This box opens:Send-Receive GrpsCapture.PNGSend Receive Groups

Select Edit; then this dialog opens:

Send-Receive Settings.PNG


Select the appropiate account in the left column, then select "Account Properties"


Edit the Server Information. Select the "Advanced" tab.


Advanced Settings.PNGAdvanced Settings

These settings are working; I don't understand why the AOL email servers are rejesting our passwords, and how the Outlook 2016 email settings are "magically" changed!

Contributor NSAGLIAN
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎09-12-2013
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Sorry, I left an epic response on how to change the email servers in Outlook 2016, not Outlook 365. Biut I bet it is similar! Good luck!!

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