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Timing out too often!

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Timing out too often!

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My email account times out too quickly. I'm constantly having to log in after visiting other tabs and returning. Where is the "staying logged in" timed variable, please? Don't want to stay logged in for a week, but an hour at a time would be nice.

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Re: Timing out too often!

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Hi greenemeadow, sorry but that time variable can't be adjusted individually. Our .net emails time out after a certain period for security reasons.


Thanks, Constance

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Re: Timing out too often!

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You've probably figured this out by now, but while you have these other windows open, simply go back to your Verizon page, refreshing it from time to time and this will keep it open for you.

We're talking literally less than 5 seconds every 5 minutes or so to save you from all the logging in over and over. Surely it's worth that.........


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