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Unable to download email using Windows Live Mail from the Verizon Yahoo servers

Unable to download email using Windows Live Mail from the Verizon Yahoo servers


I have received no notification of changes required from Verizon.  One week ago, email downloads began to fail.  After lengthy chats with 2 Verizon support people, I learned that due to a security upgrade, my outgoing port needed to be changed. (to 587)


Email downloads worked for a few days and then began to fail again.  Normal tech support is not "trained in Windows Live Mail" and after attempting to help me for about an hour referred me to Premium Support.  For 14.99 per month for 10 months, they claim they could help me (that would be $149.90  to get email settings).  They claim that nothing has changed since last week.  I told them that either Windows Live Mail is no longer compatible with Verizon Yahoo Email Accounts or they are trying to make me pay a lot of money for something they should just be able to tell me.


Is anyone else having this problem?  This is my mom's email account - i use Microsoft Outlook which I am not going to purchase for her. Recommendations for a different FREE email client would also be appreciated.


I wonder if I could get moved off of the Yahoo servers?  This is reallty annoying.


I was able to resolve this problem by disconnecting my email account from Yahoo and using the settings published for the non-Yahoo email servers.


In this forum  Anthony_VZ provides instructions for how to disconnect from yahoo.


Had same problem with Yahoo Verizon. How do I disconnect from them and get all the email from that account?


Did anyone find a solution to this that one can find? My mail just stopped downloading from verizon 4/23. I have 2 mails I download one was left with the incoming designation and the other was updated to the new pop designation per the verizon email notice that went out months ago. Neither now work. Both worked up until yesterday.

Same problem but from Verizon.net. CANNOT DOWNLOAD MY VERIZON EMAILS TO WONDOWS LIVE MAIL. I can send. Support supervision tried for 3hrs and think it is in their system upgrade. They changed every setting but that made things worse, so I made them put them back to old settings where my other emails like gmail worked.
Solution I found was to log in the my Verizon web mail account and the emails are there! But they are not on my live mail
,If somebody solves this problem please publish it her. I know other friend who just have same problem.
Hope this helps at least giving you acces to your emails. I have changed all my emails to my gmail account. Frankg
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Having the same problem here. Can't send or receive using Windows Live E-mail client although it was working a week ago. Can only get my e-mail With Verizon's Web mail client.

Just talked to US local techs. They say system is down and they know and trying to fix it. I told them that many of us are moving away from Verizon emails and not planing to return . I know of many on this area that have this problem.
He said he will call me when he has more info or fixes. I plan to dump them ASAP,
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