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Unlinked Verizon Yahoo from my e-mail and now I can't receive or send any e-mails.

Unlinked Verizon Yahoo from my e-mail and now I can't receive or send any e-mails.

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I tried unlinking Verizon Yahoo (after running into numerous broken links with Yahoo on the Verizon site) from my e-mail and now I can't receive or send any e-mails.  I've spent hours on the phone and on chat with Verizon and still can't get my e-mails (about 36 hours now).  After the phone session, I was told it was done and would take up to 24 hours to reset, and then when it still wasn't working I went on live chat and was making progress until the session timed out.  I can't get e-mail so no one can send me an update to my problem.  I don't want Yahoo, never did, but when I try to sign in it keeps taking me back to Verizon Yahoo as my "chosen" portal, and now Yahoo says I can't get back in even if I wanted to.  I'm in limbo!  I understand that Verizon is dropping Yahoo for e-mail partnerships, and that's probably just as well. I've followed all the directions that I can see, and changed settings multiple times, but nothing seems to work.  Can anyone please advise what to do?  I'm not crazy about losing everything (stored e-mails, contacts, etc.) but I will if I have to just to get my e-mail back.  Do I need to reactivate Verizon Yahoo (if that's possible), or can I move forward with My Verizon, and can I do it on my own?  They say I can create a new free Yahoo account but then I'm back where I was before, or even worse because it wouldn't be part of my Verizon account.  BTW I'm running a Mac OS X, with Safari 5.1.1.  Thank you!

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I am glad we were able to get your email working again. Please reach out anytime you need us.




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Can someone help me please? My yahoo and verizon account were unlinked when I switched from fios to dsl for a recent move. I've spent hours on the phone with Verizon. I've contacted yahoo as well. This occurred on june 24. Now, I only have access to emails from that point forward. Nothingfrom the previous 8 years. My phone notes are gone. My calendar items are gone. I have important information that I cannot get to now. Verizon tells me they've done everything on their end now, and it's a yahoo issue. Yahoo refers me back to Verizon. When I try to log onto my yahoo verizon account,  I am taken to a screen that tells me my verizon yahoo account has been canceled, and I can transfer my information to a new yahoo accout. However, I don't know what all information will be transferred (my 20,000 something emails, my phone notes, my calendar items on my phone.)

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