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VERIZON YAHOO new email appearance solved

VERIZON YAHOO new email appearance solved

Copper Contributor qjill
Copper Contributor
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After losing my mind, and my husband losing his at the new email appearance on Verizon Yahoo, I called Verizon tech service and a nice rep helped me fix it. In the corner you will see a cog/rachet symbol. Click on it and then go to "Settings." Under "viewing email, " uncheck the box that says "enable conversations." (This ghastly feature groups all of the related emails together in a confusing jumble.) You also have the option to check "basic view" for a simple email appearance that best resembles the old email. You then need to "save" to change the settings. You are still forced, however, to scroll horizontally through messages (I guess they think we all have tablets) instead of vertically. They have also disabled the automatic fill in of email addresses from your contacts in the basic view, to encourage you to "go along" to the new email platform. Of course, I also noticed that they are inserting ads as your are scrolling through your email. Aren't I paying for the service? Please stop!!

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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>>qijill: I also noticed that they are inserting ads as your are scrolling through your email. Aren't I paying for the service? Please stop!!


Your problems are a function of Yahoo having changed their email format. It has nothing to do with Verizon. Yahoo email users are up in arms about the changes--along with Yahoo Groups and apparently Yahoo Finance. Yahoo calls the new approach "Neo" and it is terrible. If you do a browser search on "Yahoo mail" you will probably find lots of articles about it--none of them say users are happy with it.


From reading here in the forum, apparently there is a way to "detach" your Verizon email account from Yahoo but I don't know how it's done and, I don't know if you would lose all of your existing email if you do separate from Yahoo so I'd suggest posting here in the forum to ask those questions.



Contributor jksully
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I also HATE this format and have been sitting here for hours trying to get around it.  Not much luck.  I also can't see to view attachments, although after many failed attempts, and restarting my computer, I was able to, for now.  I did switch view to basic, and turned off the chat box.  I now can download the attachment, then I can see it, but it takes much longer and is very frustrating!!!!

Contributor jksully
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another problem - sending a group message, the group title came up, but with some characters in parantheses after, so it won't recognize the group.  I had to individually type in each member and it worked for this email since I only had 16 in the group.  Don't know what to do for a bigger group.

Contributor galootey
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I need to download an attachment to my computer.  When using Google Chrome it just disappears - I tried for 45 minutes!.  I had to change over to Firefox in order for the "save" screen to pop up.  (I refuse to use Microsoft IE).  So if there are any similar issues with this "beautiful" new Yahoo email version, I would suggest trying a different browser and see if that works.

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