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Verizon Classic Webmail Migration to Verizon Message Center

Verizon Classic Webmail Migration to Verizon Message Center

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@bfrederi1 wrote:

Add me to the list of people who need plain text mode.


You can also add me to the list of generally disgruntled customers who do not like the new message center nor the way it was rolled out and forced upon customers who chose to opt out of it, but I guess that doesn't qualify as a "constructive" comment.


Here is as constructive as I can get. This is a quote from Verizon:


"Once you have been migrated to Message Center, the Classic View link will be removed. We believe that you will ultimately be much happier with Verizon Message Center."


Constructively speaking, the second sentence is extremely inaccurate.



Quote from http://forums.verizon.com/t5/Verizon-net-Email/I-hate-this-new-email-How-do-I-go-back/td-p/260257/pa...


Verizon seems to have removed the "Go To Classic View" tab if you have been using the new format for any length of time. However, you CAN simulate the function of that missing button and revert to the Classic View (despite what Verizon Customer Support reps might tell you) simply by following these very simple instructions:


Login to your account and go to your inbox view. In the address bar at the top of your screen, type the following EXACTLY as I have typed it here:




Click ENTER to the right of the address bar (or press the ENTER key on your keyboard).


(this command basically tells the system that you are Opting Out of the new view)


That's it!  Your account should now be reverted back to the Classic View.




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Did not work for me.  It only changed the backround shade to white in the email listing.  I still have only 15 lines of listed emails compared to 22 in the Classic Webmail.  The headers and fonts are still from the deplorable  Message Center. 

Not everyone has access to highspeed internet when reading email.  This change for the sake of change sure does slow things down from a dialup prespective.  Reminds me of my AOL days on dialup.  Also you suggest to use ad blockers.  They do block the ads but still take up the space so the viewing area is still crunched on the side.  Not always on the same computer or device when reading my email so going to another email client isn't a workaround or viable suggestion.  If I wanted Gmail I wouldn't need Verizon.  But since I chose Verizon I figured there would be some stability to the form factor and not change the user interface for the sake of change.   Why the change to the Message Center? What was wrong with the Classic View.  Again, what was wrong with the Classic View.  It's not called the Classic View for nothing.  Yet your doing away with it.  I don't need to hear about change is inevitable.  How about makeing Customer Statisfaction inevitable and giving back the Classic View!?

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Before I upgraded to the new format I used to be able to switch between my verizon yahoo email account (yahoo.com) and my verizon.net email account - using either a drop-down or the "switch to" option in the header area. After the upgrade I cannot find a way to switch between these two email accounts - please help.

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Where did the calendar go that was on the bottom of the "classic" page?

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@BobBarnett wrote:

Where did the calendar go that was on the bottom of the "classic" page?

I have been using Classic for 2 or 3 years to check my spam folder and I have never seen a calendar on that page. Yes in the New email, but not on Classic.


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Just wondering if there is any progress on offering plain text?  It is the end of July which is summer here on the east coast of USA or are we waiting for summer down under :0

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To whom it may concern: 

I am all for change but if the change does not increase the efficiency, then I have a problem with it. I too would prefere to have an option to revert back to the classic view. The one that stands out for me is that it is too cumbersome to have to delete emails one at a time compared to the old version of checking the "all" delete and only being able to delete the one page of emails at a time instead of flagging "all" the emails for deletion - REALLY?

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when Trying http://m.verizon.com for ipod and mobile devices. The return result states; 

"Unable to process the request.Please try again."  So I tried again,

and again

and again

and again

and again

I'll just keep trying.  

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Kudos to you and to rockcat (the original poster on the other thread) for finding and sharing that link.


I was finally able to switch back into plain text mode and unsubscribe from a listserv.


Thanks much!

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I can't believe Verizon does this - you get a pop up and it doesn't give you a choice to opt out - so you get stuck with a new message center service that you didn't want- I just want to read my emails and not have to go through all your so called enhancements give me a choice to opt out!!!!

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