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Verizon Classic Webmail Migration to Verizon Message Center

Verizon Classic Webmail Migration to Verizon Message Center

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I wanted to take the opportunity to respond to your concerns regarding Verizon Email.


Migration from Classic Webmail to New Message Center


Verizon introduced Verizon Message Center over 12 months ago to Classic Webmail customers by presenting a “Go to New Email Version” link within Classic Webmail. We wanted to give you the opportunity to check it out and become familiar with it before we began migrating customers to it.  The customer migration will take place over the course of 2011. Once you have been migrated to Message Center, the Classic View link will be removed. We believe that you will ultimately be much happier with Verizon Message Center.


Verizon Message Center is a more feature rich application than Classic Webmail. It offers the following new features:

  1. Powerful Calendar
    1. Easily create and manage calendars for each of your family members
    2. Import calendars from friends/family
    3. Share your calendar with friends and family
    4. Subscribe to popular sports, holiday calendars
  2. Manage all your email accounts within Message Center
    1. PoP or import your non-verizon.net email into Message Center
    2. Filter and/or manage emails from multiple email accounts in your Message Center inbox
    3. Leverage Verizon’s powerful SPAM filters tools, filters and email blocking features to avoid unnecessary email
    4. Easily setup email distribution lists to send emails to contact groups

    3. Customer can change/adjust all their email settings and never leave Message Center

      1. Vacation Reply
      2. Forwarding
      3. SPAM Detector
      4. Signature



If you uncover issues or bugs, please continue to post them to the Verizon Forum and we will correct them as quickly as possible.


Thank you again for you business!

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I understand that Verizon want to get all of the webmail users migrated to the New interface. But you are really, really making some folks mad by not addressing some of the legitimate issues before forcing them to migrate.


For example, what about the issue of not being able to send plain text messages from the New interface? For some people that is critical, there are sites that just will not, under any circumstances, accept HTML format emails. And it appears to me that some of the other usability issues need to be addressed to before anyone else is forced to migrate (and really, you should re-think the no-return to Classic policy for now until you address some of these issues). There have been plenty of comments and complaints made here in the email forum as well as the Ideas area, so I think you and your staff should have a very good idea of what needs to be done, and done soon.


All of that new functionality may be great, but if we cannot do the basic functions we need to do, your New webmail interface with all of those functions is useless to us (actually worse than useless, because it forces users to try to find some other solution, which I think you would agree is bad for them and bad for Verizon).


Please listen to your customers NOW!


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There was a reason I ignored the requests to change.  I previewed the new system and it sucks!  Then you nicely asked if I wanted to change and I said no and you changed me anyway!  Repeat, the new e-mail interface sucks!

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I am very upset that Verizon forces it's customers to migrate to a "new message center". The contacts are very user unfriendly and the format is terrible. There has to be a method in place for a customer to remain on the preferred old format. This will be a customer retention issue. If this format can not be moved back to the old format, I have no choice but to go back to Optimum. Christoph 

Contributor Christoph
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Lorena, Please take the comments back to your senior management and ask them to have an "option out " feature for those customers who don't like the new format "AT ALL". One example is when you go to forward a message, you now have to go through pages of contacts rather than the abbreviated format before where they would populate a small box which made it very easy to pick out names. Bottom line is the customer today has options to go with the competition if Verizon doesn't act quickly. I'm sure they could give Verizon's customers an option to switch back, It's only software. Remind your senior management team that this is not a monopoly, there are "option out" avenues for customers to go to alternate carriers.

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I dislike the new format for may reasons, half my screen is taken up with headers.  When I open up an email I can see about 1/3 to 1/2 of it, when I used to see the entire page.  I can't delete email a page at a time, the new delete extends to all the emails in the inbox, I may still be working with yesterday's emails and not wish them to be deleted.  Now I have to go thru the list one at a time.  Please give us the option to have the classic version back.

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I view verizon mail using an IPOD touch, and the new format does not display anything.    Viewed using a full PC browser everything is fine, but on the IPOD it is 100% unusable.   


On the IPOD Everything is hidden behind the toolbars and form headings and I cannot see my mail headers at all.   There needs to be some method of explanding the panels.


The classic view worked fine everywhere.   I sure would like it back!



{edited for privacy}


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Platinum Contributor III
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Try http://m.verizon.com



for ipod and mobile devices.    

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Platinum Contributor III
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you mention reporting bugs here,  was told that the email alias feature is not working, with no eta.   can you guys fix the email alias feature please?

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Employee Emeritus
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Like in Classic Webmail, you can simply start typing the name of the recipient you are forwarding the email to in the TO line or select from the your Contacts.  You can also filter your contacts by the first letter of the last name.

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