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Verizon Email Servers not being able to send/receive email through pop servers question

Verizon Email Servers not being able to send/receive email through pop servers question

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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It would really be nice if Verizon would address the email issues on their Announcements page


But nothing...


I have read countless posts on the forums regarding not being able to send/receive email through pop servers.  It's ridiculous that we have to log into netmail.verizon.net just to get email!  And the problem seems to be getting worse for me. 


  1. Two weeks ago my husband commented that his verizon email was not downloading on his iPhone (via the email app) while at work on his cellular data.  As soon as he came home and was on wifi, it downloaded.  That's when I looked at the forums here saw that people were having email problems.
  2. I tested it out on my iPhone and the same thing happened.  When on the cell phone's data it won't download, says my user name and password is not correct.  Then as soon as I connect back to wifi it works.  Really, really strange.
  3. I conacted Verizon support.  Took me half an hour to explain the above so the person actually understood my problem - she said, they were having problems and would be resolved in two days.  It's been over a week.
  4. My popmail still worked via live.com, but yesterday that stopped working too.  So, now the only way to get email is via computer on netmail.verizon.net. 

Not a happy customer!

Contributor reyahtbot
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Worse than worse.  I'm surprised you can even get to your Verizon email via netmail/webmail.verizon.net.  The first time I logged in late last week they forced me to AOL (same email address), but my spam which was outrageous before now tripled so I killed my AOL (@verizon.net) email account all together.

Unfortunately, I was forwarding my @verizon.net emails to my Gmail account becuase at least Google knows how to catch spam and put it in it's place.


The problem now is.  I no longer have an @verzion.net email account on AOL, OR at Verzion, and I can no longer access it or several sub-accounts that I have using the normal verizon.net login.


BUT, I'm still joyfully getting my @verzion.net emails forwarded to me.


Uhggg!, I killed the account and can no longer access it so it looks like I'm stuck getting Verizon emails for life unless I can get someone at VZ to fix it.


I pretty much know that this will be impossible because I still get emails set to my very, very, very old @gte.net email account that Verizon had no clue about how or why, but mysteriously knew about it and all of my sub-accounts when they forced me to **bleep**, Oooops, I mean AOL.


Not a happy customer.  I can only imagine how much more fun this will get shortly when Frontier takes over.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Thankfully in Virginia we haven't been pushed to AOL email.  That sounds like a nightmare.


I just spent at least an hour on the phone with Verizon support and it's ridiculous.  They say that it's a problem with my phone's settings and I need to turn on the setting to be able to download email while on cellular data.  I told them it is turned on, that it's a global setting and in fact, I have five other email addresses (live, msn, google) that download on cellular. It's only verizon that doesn't. 

Then he said that it's my email settings on Verizon.  So I ask them, why then does it work on wifi and not cellular, does it need different settings?  He says no.  So then I ask, why do you need to check my settings?


He is so confused and keeps putting me on hold.


No resolution.  I asked for someone higher up to talk to - preferably support in America.  I got the guy's manager.  The manager made me repeat my problems to him again.  He said it was my settings just like the other guy told me.  I asked him why my popmail downloads via outlook.com one day, and the next, it doesn't.  I asked him why my mail downloads on my iPhone app on wifi but not on cellular data.  He had no explanation and insisted that it was my settings.  I asked him to check into the server issues that have been reported here on the forums (and also to me via Verizon's computer chat - that said it would be resovled by 2/15).  He came back and reported to me that, yes, Verizon had email issues but that they have all been resolved and that I shouldn't have a problem. 


I then asked him to report my issues to someone higher up.  He said he would and we ended the call.

Why do all my Verizon support issues have to be so frustrating?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I got my phone email to download via cellular data by changing the security settings - removed the "Use SSL" on the advanced incoming pop.verizon.net settings.  Then my phone verified the settings and in the process, it changed my port to 110.  Now email will download not only on wifi, but also on cellular data.


I tried that for my outlook.com pop mail settings and it didn't work.

Copper Contributor masterblaster
Copper Contributor
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Another unhappy customer here as well. My Android phone will not send or receive emails over cell connection either. Changing SSL setting did not work for me.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Update:  my phone no longer will download emails via Port 110 with unsecured connection like they did earlier today when I thought I had solved the problem.


My twitter rant to @verizonsupport lead me to a Live Chat via collaborateext.verizon.com


I chatted online from 3:01PM until 3:54PM with "Agent David".  Anyway, he could not figure out why I have the problem I do (and my husband has the same problem on his phone).  His "solution" is to delete that email account and redo it.  If I do that, I lose a year of emails..but that's what he told me to do and then said, "have a good afternoon" and ended the chat.


They continue to insist that there are no issues with their pop servers. 

The only reason I have stayed with verizon is to keep my email address.  The. only. reason.

Now that I don't have much access to my verizon email, I will change to Comcast and OOMA.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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This is how it goes down in my Outlook.com mail when I add my Verizon popmail:





Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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and today I'm getting a new error!  the exaserbation continues!




two minutes later, I get a different error:



Copper Contributor Asweens
Copper Contributor
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I am getting so tired of it.  I can't do my job!  And the worse thing is that Verizon feels no responsibility for providing email access as part of our account.  Horrible company and business.  It is such a hassle to change.  I wish I had a gmail account from the start, then we could switch everything away from Verizon.  They are our biggest bill each month and biggest source of stress!!

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Currently can't see your latest. 


But consider on not setting use same authentication (userid and password )for both send and receive.


I currently have userid@verizon.net for pop

and just userid for smtp

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