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Verizon Email Servers not being able to send/receive email through pop servers question

Verizon Email Servers not being able to send/receive email through pop servers question

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@ronzie wrote:

When did they farm out verizon email to AOL?  I don't remember getting any notice about this.


Tracert from Pittsburgh shows pop.verizon.net now goes to pop-verizonmail.egslb.aol.com, after a whole bunch of timeouts.

They bought AOL and decided to move everyone to AOL.


There certainly are notices about it on this website.  Perhaps because I am in Florida, one of three states shortly be sold to Frontier, I received lots of notices about it.


The rename (replacement?) of the servers occurred a several weeks ago.  I don't know if anyone noticed it at first.  Those of us in California, Florida and Texas's have actually started being migrated to AOL for Webmail as well.

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I never thought of running a trace route...I get the same results as Bob. #4 and #10 - no response from host.

Who at Verizon Support would actually understand this though? 

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update:  received a call back from Verizon support following up with my issues.  i think it was from the phone support that i used (and not the 2 online chats I did), but only because I asked to talk to a manager and then asked that manager to report the problem up the line.  Of course, he was still from the overseas call center, but at least he's "looking into it" Smiley Wink


he said he'll call me back tomorrow with a status update - and he said they've gotten another call from someone that also cannot receive emails via cell data, but does on wifi.  This person was on the AT&T network, which I think I am also (via Cricket Wireless).

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update:  last night I connected my phone through a VPN, which masks my IP address, and I was able to donwload email on my phone via cell data.  hmmm...so the Verizon (aol?) POP3 servers are blocking my Cricket Wireless IP addresses and if I get an annonymous IP address via VPN it works.  And Verizon still insists that it's not their problem, but mine.  I'm at a loss.

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@VerizonSupport DM'd me again on Twitter - told me to connect to their social media support analyst and that he was online waiting for me.  He was.  He did a conference call with me to Cricket Support.  The most hilarious conversation I've had in a long time because Cricket Support (1st tier) is an Indian call center just like Verizon's and we had communication problems with Cricket just like I always do with Verizon.  Of course Cricket couldn't solve my problem and said there was no problem.  When we got off the phone with Cricket I told David at Verizon that was how all my support calls with Verizon are too. 


But David was nice and we had a good conversation.  While on the phone with him, he had me test a few things and I think THEY FINALLY REALIZE that there is a a problem.  He said he is going to send the issue to another support department for resolution with my phone problem.


Though, my Outlook problem was anot addressed.  I guess that's a whole other issue Smiley Frustrated

FYI - contact @verizonsupport on Twitter.  You'll get an native english speaking support person from America

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Did you ever get your issue resolved? I am on Consumer Cellular and I have never gotten Verizon email to work when only on the network and away from wifi. Works fine on wifi but on the network it says the Verizon servers are not responding. I get iCloud messages just fine. I worked around it for awhile with an AOL app but now that isn't working on the network either. I get a message that says I've lost internet connectivity. I've torn my hair out talking for hours with Consumer Cellular (they blame Verizon), Verizon (they blame Consumer Cellular), and Apple (they blame everyone else). I'm so frustrated. This can't be hard, especially if others have the problem.

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