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Verizon Email accounts and Windows 8 Mail App

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Verizon Email accounts and Windows 8 Mail App

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I will be upgrading to Windows 8 and will like to use the Windows desktop maill app for my account.


However, in all of the preview editions of this app, including the one I upgraded to today, the app does not support POP3 mail accounts. I does support IMAP accounts.


They suggest that I contact my email vendor to see how I can retrieve my email by configuring it as an IMAP or an EAS account.


Does anyone know how to set one of these up for mail accounts?

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Re: Verizon Email accounts and Windows 8 Mail App

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Verizon doesn't support either of those options, you may have to use a different mail app.  



Millions of users have email accounts that rely on POP3 mail servers. Many ISPs even give their users POP accounts by default, but don’t tell that to Microsoft as the company steadfastly refuses to support POP3 in Windows 8′s built-in email.

You have no particular obligation to use the built-in Windows Mail, but it is currently the only email client for Modern UI. You can install any of dozens of desktop email applications including Windows Live Essentials mail, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. However, if you want to use the built-in Mail with a POP account, there’s a workaround that involves routing your messages through an online service such as Gmail, Hotmail or 

The steps below describe how to use to retrieve your POP inbox in Windows 8′s Mail.

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Re: Verizon Email accounts and Windows 8 Mail App

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