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Verizon SMTP Process Change

Verizon SMTP Process Change

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Effective, November 15, 2016, the ability to change the "From" address or the ability to use a non-local "From" address on outgoing email has been removed.  This feature allowed customers to change the @Verizon.net SENT email address to something different.  Example:  gina@somecompany.com instead of gina@verizon.net.


Security and protection of our customers' privacy are our main goals. Here is a copy of a customer notification which was sent out:




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This is ridiculous.  I only used your service because I could use the outgoing SMTP server for my mail.  Now I can't send any mail from my domain name.  VERY POOR SERVICE.  Also, you didn't even give us a heads up.  (That e-mail is **bleep** since it wasn't even sent to me.)


Please return access to us or let us know how to work around this reduction in service.



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This is a very bad decision, unless you want to lose business customers.  Why not allow each account to whitelist at least one domain?  Was that not possible or just a little more work than they wanted to do?


Also, excellent idea to send the notification to my verizon.net email address.  I guess the dope who sent it did not realize that this change applies to lots of people who do not use their verizon.net email addreses.


I guess it's time to switch from FIOS 150/150.  I'm sure I can get some nice incentives to switch.



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So now, I can't send ANY email out as my domain that I pay for, or even personal domain from a third party. They block port 25/etc AND block the only valid method of sending email.

Further, the guy on the phone said "we don't block ports", I was like WHAT?!

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When I spoke to customer service 2 days ago about this, they suggested that we switch to using our custom domain's smtp service.  I did that and it temporarily fixed the problem (hurray!) , but now I am starting to see returned email (boo!) because my custom domain is hosted virtually and does not have a permanent IP address.  Therefore many email services believe it could be spam.  Getting a permanent IP address would cost substantially more money - all because of a Verizon policy change!  In short we need to send email from a fixed IP address, we ARE ALREADY PAYING Verizon for the ability to send email, and Verizon SHOULD allow us to use our custom domains.  Verizon please reverse this decision ASAP!!

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P.S. If this bothers you and since the techs are saying it was a corporate decision, you may wish to file a complaint with the FCC, which just takes 90 seconds via their web form:  https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us


The four reasons that I complained were (1) reduction in our email service capabilities without a reduction in price; (2) failure to give adequate notice since apparently many of us were surprised and our lives disrupted; (3) loss of net neutrality, since Verizon will no longer allow third-party domain names through its outgoing email servers and that is simply a type of data; and (4) anti-competitive / restraint of trade because Verizon is forcing customers to adopt a verizon.net domain for email usage, which makes it more difficult to switch Internet Service Providers.


Another post added a fifth point:  (5) this reduces our security because it makes us put our outgoing email through yet another server, e.g. GoDaddy or HostGator. 


Although I have been a satisfied Verizon customer (and shareholder) this particular decision is a bad one, and by applying pressure via regulators, we can hope that they will change.

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I doubt the FCC will help.


Blocking spam is something they want.  And being able to use a non-verifiable email account is one way that spammers on Verizon were able to do their dirty work. 


Obviously those of you doing business have to work with your Email provider such as Verizon.

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This, so called Verizon security, has severe brain deficiency.

Let me say it in simple words: You restrict legal authenticated users from sending their emails from their own domains through your smtp gateway, right?

What kind of service is it?

If you have problem with mass emails from hacked accounts than just block those account, not a rocket science to detect spam.

What is it Verizon?

Some marketing **bleep**head wants to force people to use your crappy email?

I'll make sure that this crap will get to the media. You'll have some noise.


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I have a huge issue with this as well.  My contract is up in 30 days and am actively looking at alternatives because of this and other issues.  I have no want to use my verizon account address as my email.

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Agreed. This is a ridiculous change that might force me to switch to gmail. I've had my own domain for mail forwarding for years, but this could be the end.

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