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Verizon Your Domain

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Verizon Your Domain

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I am cancelling my verizon DSL and need to keep my email addresses.  I bought verizon your domain but don't know how to get it started.  I have confirmation that I have the service.  Can anyone help me set it up so that I don't lose my email addresses?

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Re: Verizon Your Domain

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Thank you for your continued business with Verizon. All the information you need for the Verizon Your Domain can be located at




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Re: Verizon Your Domain

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You guys should put up a sticky for this subject with the link on how to do it properly.  is a verizon site and specifically set up for this subject and task that a lot of customers want.  


It automatically links everything up from that site.


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*Please Note: If you have already ordered Verizon Your Domain Web Hosting you are already retaining your email address(es) in the event of a disconnect or move.



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