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Verizon's outgoing e-mail server foolishly blocking spam-complaints

Verizon's outgoing e-mail server foolishly blocking spam-complaints

Copper Contributor corbulon
Copper Contributor
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I tried to complain today to a spammer's Internet-providers and, obviously, included the spam itself in my e-mail (as an attachment). To my surprise, outgoing.verizon.net blocked my message telling me, it is "spam"...


Please, debug the problem. Thank you!

Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I
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forward update requests to spamdetector.update@verizon.net 





Will Verizon notify me if an email I’ve sent is identified as spam?
Yes. If you send an email that matches the digital signature of a known spam message, Verizon will block the message from being delivered and send you the following notice:

"The message you attempted to send was determined to be spam. Please visit http://www.verizon.net/spamfaq for more information."

What should I do if I receive such a notice from Verizon?
If you believe we erred in identifying one of your outgoing emails as spam, you can send the original message to us at spamdetector.update@verizon.net. (Please be sure that the above email address is the sole recipient. Do not add other recipients in the "To", "CC" or "BCC" fields, or we will not receive your message. Do not alter the original message by adding or removing comments, text, or attachments.) Within an hour of receiving your report, we will reevaluate the digital signature and, if the message is believed to be legitimate, adjust our spam filters as appropriate. Please note that Verizon won’t notify you about the outcome of our review. Rather, you should try resending the message 30 – 60 minutes after submitting your report to Verizon.

Copper Contributor corbulon
Copper Contributor
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I don't think, this recommendation makes sense in the case I'm describing. The filter "correctly" identified my message as containing spam. What it failed to realize is that I'm quoting the spam.


And even if I was sending a spam-message verbatim -- as long as my activity was not sending in bulk, it ought to be Ok. Spam is not child pornography, where forwarding even one copy is unethical and illegal. Spam only becomes such, when sent in massive numbers -- a letter sent to only a handful of addresses should be allowed out no matter what.

Copper Contributor Normx
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I have had problems with the random blocking of emails ( I have enhanced dsl).

Spent several hours reading the posts and trying all of the solutions.

None worked.

I did get the message to send to spam filter, but days later, it still is flagged as spam

I really get the feeling Verizon just wants out of the email business.




See my reply post here for another member


Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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You should forward such email as an attachment to spamdector.notcaught@verizon.net.  It is suppose to be setup to allow spams be forward to this address. Must be the only address the mail is sent to.  Do not attempt to return it to the original service provider, verizon will contact them if they feel it is necessary.

Contributor sandywings7
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Why are they doing this?  We should be free to send whatever e-mails we want.  I thought Spam protectors were to guard e-mail being SENT to us; not the other way around!


They need to stop this!

Silver Contributor V Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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There are spam detectors all over the network, and some will start blocking all traffic from Verizon customers once they decide Verizon is a spammer. 


Spamming is not nice.  And if you are forwarding an email with SPAM they cannot realize that you are not the spammer.


Now if they are incorrectly identifying some of your outgoing email as spam they have an address to report this to and procedures to ask for a correction.  Similarly you can report some incoming mail that is incorrectly identified as SPAM.








Contributor sandywings7
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The thing is - what I was sending out was NOT Spam, and I have been sending this type of e-mail for the past TWO YEARS.


Verizon should not monitor our e-mails...it's an invasion of our privacy.

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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Verizon has the right to secure its outgoing servers and they do so by implementing spam filters. if your emails are all of a sudden caught by the filter send an email with what you were sending to spamdetector.update@verizon.net .

Contributor mandersen7
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I have the same problem; started Sunday.  Outgoing emails to addresses that I regularly send to are being blocked as spam.  I am self employed and it is affecting my business.  I have spent over five hours on this issue.  I called Verizon yesterday and was told it was my domain server.  I called my them and was told it wasn't; it was all Verizon.  I checked Microsoft (I use outlook) and someone else has the same problem and was told that it was all Verizon.  I called Verizon again and was told to change the outgoing mail server.  I told them that Verizon told me I had to use outgoing.verizon.net (I have Verizon fios internet). I called again (third call) and finally found someone who walked me through what the solution is and it is not acceptable to a small business.


I am self employed; when I send an email I include a signature which provides my mailing address and website as well as a privacy disclaimer.


I was informed that the spam detecting is done by a third party and sometimes they mark outgoing emails with signatures as spam.  The only way I can send an email from my business email is to send it without any contact information.


I have sent numerous emails (about 20-30) to the spamdetector update as instructed in the the verizon FAQ to no avail.


There is a something that blocks legitimate businesses from sending emails; I am proof.


It must be fixed.  To be require to send a professional email without a signature is not acceptable. I will never get new business as I will not be taken seriously.


So, something has to be fixed whether or not Verizon wants to believe it.

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