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Copper Contributor bswamp
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Dear Tony and Tiara,


Some of these findings may have been addressed by now, but the following findings are verified by my own tests.

(I'm doing their R&D for them for free in the field so they can make more money. I hope they appreciate it.


I have had to do an exhaustive analysis of this technical problem and have found a few facts.  Yes, I started with Verizon tech support and my callback wait time is currently between one month and infinity.


1. The developers do not not test their revisions on Firefox. Past posters have stated Verizon "discriminates against Firefox" --OR if they do test software revisions on Firefox, they see that it doesn't work and they don't care, nor is the issue addressed.

  One tech support advisor in a far-off land who took an hour to get to, told me, Internet Explorer works ok to keep you signed in. I said I use Firefox & he said, well then switch browsers.  If tech support records their calls, there's one of me saying, "No!"


2. Tiara is correct; they were shunting us over to a wireless web address which the company admitted here without explanation, as part of their endless security redirects during sign-in. This is cruel since customers who are doubly profitable and also pay for verizon wireless can't even combine their billing. Yet the "separate" companies switch back & forth willy-nilly.


3. On or about July 4, and without telling customers, sign-in stopped redirecting to login.verizonwireless.com and began redirecting to http://myverizonid.verizon.com/amserver/UI/login for customers starting directly at webmail


4. The redirects are different if you try starting at My Verizon, so I do not recommend this entry portal if you want to go straight to your email. Even more steps to get there... However, by all means start at My Verizon if you first want to learn of all the latest Verizon offers, products and features.


5. If you use Firefox; especially if you exercise your right to clear cookies when closing browser, their is an add-on (NOT A HACK) called Autofill https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/autofill-262804/ which can automate the **bleep**-poor-no-opt-out 3 page sign-in. Despite their claims, you have to go in there to the code to get it working but it DOES work.  I use it, not to hurt Verizon's feelings but to reduce customer abuse and suffering and taking all day to get email which unpaid services seem to have no problem doing with simple password saver apps and ONE PAGE, ONE STEP logins that don't redirect you all over the internet & back.


6. This is not a claim, but an observation/direct personal experience: I know of no technical entity in Verizon that clearly takes and acts positively on the data on the faults and defects they see here. I hope I'm wrong but it seems haphazard and random to me, and I have been paying this company's salaries for years.  Back in 2009-2010, the email could not even embed live "clickable" links in the body of a message. I complained in this forum that no other service had this absurd level of incompetence, which was an absolute fact--no other service found it impossible to embed links.  But lo & behold, in a matter of just 2 short years, Verizon magically fixed the issue and caught up to where everyone else already was for 10 years.


7. Congratulations, Verizon; the "Keep me signed in" feature is now occasionally, sporadically, unpredictably working!


8. there should be an opt out for multi-page, multi-entry security redundancies at the user's risk.

Contributor PatGar
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I just started having this problem -  Verizon  Fix It!!!!!

Copper Contributor bswamp
Copper Contributor
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They can't and won't fix or address it. Autofill 3.6.1 can work around it if you have at least an hour to set it up. It may save your sanity.  I'm pretty sure the providers don't like the hands that feed them.  I am now both residential AND wireless customer, AND just INCREASED my monthly cost with an internet "upgrade"!  I 'd have liked being appreciated. But that is not within the reach of the company. Resistance is futile.  ***I'm still awaiting my free small flatscreen TV signing bonus for becoming a customer in 2008!!!***


Do you use Mozilla Firefox?

Copper Contributor gmstewart
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This is the SECOND TIME in ONE YEAR that Verizon CAUSED this "login every few hours" PROBLEM.

Even worse this time because it asks TWICE for your user name.



You are creating barriers denying accessibility per ADA.


{edited for privacy}

Contributor msdeb1
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Every time I want to get to my Verizon e-mail from my home computer, I have to enter my user name, the answer to my secret question, and my password.  It doesn’t matter whether I check Remember Me or Keep Me Signed In, I still have to enter all three things. I have clicked the box for Register this Device. I do not have to do this with my other mails.  Why does Verizon make it so time consuming for me to get to my e-mail?  I don’t like it!  I am tired of it!  Can this problem be fixed?  I see many other people are complaining about this, so I am wondering why Verizon doesn't do something about it.  Don't they care?  VERY poor customer service on the part of Verizon.

Contributor novauser
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Here we go Again!  I run Firefox with Norton 360.  A year ago, the "Keep me Logged In" function failed, requiring manual log-in every time I accessed Verizon webmail.  This went on for weeks, then finally started working again.  I contacted Bugzilla and the near-unanimous verdict was that this was a Verizon issue (which Verizon never admitted).


Here we are a year later:  SAME PROBLEM STARTED UP AGAIN.


After hours online in tech support chat, all Verizon could say was "Our e-mail team is not having any problems so it must be something to do with your (browser, antivirus, computer, etc.)


Can Verizon do a little better fixing this?  Happened before, is happening again.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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I have this problem also using Internet Explorer, Win 8.1 and Kaspersky.


One suggestion I read was to create new windows profile to see if that works when logging into Verizon and it did.


Still doesn't help that I don't know what settings/software causes the "keep logged in " issue.

Copper Contributor gmstewart
Copper Contributor
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I finally abandoned trying to see my email using the cumbersome Verizon login and now use MacMail to access my Verizon mail. Wish Verizon would update Pop to Imap so we could delete our emails from one device.
Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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@gmstewart wrote:
I finally abandoned trying to see my email using the cumbersome Verizon login and now use MacMail to access my Verizon mail. Wish Verizon would update Pop to Imap so we could delete our emails from one device.

Note that Verizon is moving everyone, over time, to their AOL Email offering.  It does support IMAP.

Contributor Pixy
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This is so frustrating. It's been happening to me for over a week. Fortunately, Verizon is not my main e-mail provider, and the others are a lot better. I used to think nothing could be worse than Comcast's customer service, but Verizon is right up there with them. For one thing, why can't I contact Verizon directly re email rather than go to a forum. Verizon is the one I pay. It should take some responsiblity for service.

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