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Why are some emails re-downloaded from Verizon (AOL) server to Outlook 2016 causing doubles?

Why are some emails re-downloaded from Verizon (AOL) server to Outlook 2016 causing doubles?

Contributor wookiegear
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A strange problem has started about two months ago, and it happens randomly.


I have been running Outlook 2016 (version 16.0.9029.2253) and have 4 Verizon email accounts.  All converted without any problems from Verizon to AOL servers.  I have my Outlook parameters set to deleted email from server if over 90 days and/or when Deleted from "Deleted Items" inside Outlook 2016.


For some reason, those emails that are still on the Verizon / AOL server (and already had been downloaded and read but NOT deleted), get re-downloaded onto my Outlook 2016 at random times.  Maybe once every 2-3 weeks.


I have double checked all of my Outlook settings and it all looks correct.   Attached are 3 screenshots showing the latest issue.   Outlook downloaded these on March 27, I read them, decided to keep them and for some reason, they were re-downloaded again on March 31 (today) as new emails (but in reality, repeats).


outlook issue - 1.JPGoutlook issue - 2.JPGoutlook issue - 3.JPG


The only way that I can deal with this is when these double emails shows up, I then choose to put them into the DELETED ITEMS, meaning when it's deleted, it's gone from the SERVER too -- which kills the whole idea of having a back-up of the needed emails for 90 days on the server. 


I also check my email on my Samsung S7 phone, and I DO NOT have these re-download issues.   So, I am assuming it's an Outlook 2016 problem?


This issue has happened (again randomly) to all 4 of my Verizon/AOL accounts.


Anyone have any input as to what is happening?    And possible solutions?

Contributor Purrl
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I have the same problem, and I'm running Thunderbird on a mac, so I'm guessing it's an issue with AOL, not Outlook.


As you, this only happens on my desktop, not my phone or iPad.


Would very much like to know the answer and solution to this as well. It's incredibly annoying.

Contributor RonRo
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I experienced the same problem yesterday with Outlook 2010 on my PC desktop. I don't know if it's occurring on my iPhone or iPad, as the multiple copies only occur with very old messages.  Interestingly, deleted messages - some even permanently deleted from my hard drive - were downloaded and restored to my inbox. Also downloaded was junk mail that was never previously delivered to my Outlook junk mail folder, but I knew was in the web mail's junk mail folder.  I migrated my Verizon email over to AOL's server for Verizon probably a year ago.  At that time, I received multiple copies that had to be manually deleted.  Messages that were read appeared duplicated as unread; and messages previously moved to local folders appeared as an unread copy in the inbox.  Yes, it's annoying to manually delete all of these messages once again. Did AOL move messages over to a new server, causing this problem again?

Contributor PJ23
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Has anyone found a fix for this annoying problem?


I just deleted a thousand emails only to have them come back 2 fold.


I called AOL and they said I must upgrade to a Premier account to get email support.


There has got to be a way to delete old emails off the AOL server.

Contributor daveo714
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Registered: ‎07-29-2018

aol just downloaded 9091 verizon.net old emails dating back to 12/14/2017.  This is the 3rd time and when I call aol they want me upgrade to get technical support and state this is a " free" account with no support.  Thanks alot Verizon!  Has anyone found a solution?

Gold Contributor VI Gold Contributor VI
Gold Contributor VI
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Over the years I've dealt with lots of people using Outlook/Thunderbird with emails like verizon, comcast, Yahoo, gmail or whoever. And there always something wrong. Whether it email no sending or receiving. Or emails not deleting off the server. There's always some issue whether its comcast or verizon or whatever email they have. I know it's no really a fix but all email providers have an app for smartphones and tablets. And they always work. And if you are on your PC. Go to aol.com or whatever.com and it will always work. Outlook is always a headache. 

Contributor jpcarro11
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This all started after the switch from Verizon hosted email to AOL hosted email.  I had no problem before with Outlook.  This also happened to other family members with their own accounts.  I don't buy the "this is the way it is everywhere with all hosting services"...that's **bleep**.  This is an AOL problem AND by defacto, a Verizon problem.

Contributor RonRo
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Agreed. I’ve used Outlook for well over a decade without incident.  The problem only started recently, about a year after AOL acquired the Verizon email server.  Previously, I never had a problem with Outlook when email was hosted by Verizon, or previously when Yahoo hosted Verizon email.  I suspect part of the problem is the protocol for accessing email.  With AOL, it’s now POP3, whereas previously it was IMAP, which synchronizes the server with Outlook.  Nevertheless, I’ve been getting messages that were deleted, in some cases years ago. Recently, a multitude of deleted ICI files, reminders that integrate into the Outlook calendar, have been downloaded; as well as duplicate or triplicate copies of messages still in my Inbox, some read, others unread.  This has occurred three times in the past 2 months; but with each occurrence, fewer extra messages are being downloaded.  It’s too soon to know whether it’s helping, but I started permanently deleting these messages, bypassing the recycling bin, with Shift Delete.

Contributor rbwriter1
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I have been experiencing this problem now for several months and it's getting worse. Random downloads of hundreds I email on my .verizon.net (now AOL) account that come into my Outlook 2016 Inbox. It is so disruptive. I tried shortening the length of time email stays on the server; I also get the mail on my iphone. This is definately an AOL problem and they won't do anything unless you pay them $$$. I have almost had it and am ready to bail.. Come-on Verizon~~ step up and help out. there has to be a solution...

Contributor Richard57
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In the Settings for group "All Accounts", if the "Schedule an automatic send/receive" is set to 1 minute, try changing it to 3 minutes.  This selection can be found in the File tab under "Options > Advanced > Sens/Receive".  From what I have read, this will prevent the server/Outlook communication from getting stuck in a loop which can cause this problem.  It worked for me with Outlook Professional Plus 2010.


By the way, I never switched over to AOL.  I have always used the Yahoo server and it continues to work.

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