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Why is the thread regarding port 25 blocking LOCKED and who locked it?

Why is the thread regarding port 25 blocking LOCKED and who locked it?

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I was pondering this question last night.  With SO many users apparently blindsided by Verizon AND very few posts demonstrating successful workarounds (many suggestions, but few " it worked for me" posts) It seems very odd that the most sizable thread regarding the problem would be locked - and with no closing "here's why" post from the "gate keeping" moderator.


Now there are multiple redundant threads hashing over the same subject.


Of course, that's an indicator itself that there's a problem, and one Verizon seems to be ignoring.  With the stories of unsuccessful support calls and (in my case) being told I need to use Verizon's paid-support department to do any further work on the problem Verizon is either not paying any attention at all to this forum or are simply reading posts and sticking their heads in the sand, hoping it'll all go away.


When there are multiple cases of their specified method of NOT using port 25 with a 3rd party server is not working, and port 25 now apparently not working with THEIR server (at least where a different POP or IMAP server is used for incoming mail) One would think they'd be all over this, reassuring everyone they're working on a "fix" and being "visible".


I challenge ANY Verizon support employee - or even one who will check with support to find out what is being done - to post some sort of a "progress report".


Show us you're not just hanging us out to dry.


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This is a peer to peer forum.  Verizon employee's do view the posts and reply from time to time but the major purpose of these forums is for folks like us to discuss problem, issues and suggest solutions.  

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@jumpin68ny wrote:

This is a peer to peer forum.  Verizon employee's do view the posts and reply from time to time but the major purpose of these forums is for folks like us to discuss problem, issues and suggest solutions.  


Fair enough.  It is a peer to peer forum.   But other than going through a 30 minute phone tree to call Verizon, we get zero other satisfaction. Our only hope is that user pressure will convince Verizon to do something about this.  Which I why we post here.


Verizon should care about user feedback on their pages.  If they don't, then they should just turn off the lights.


To date, I have had 10 messages bounce back to me as SPAM that are most assuredly not.   And I have sent all 10 to the Verizon email as I was told, but it is not getting better.   These are important client emails.  Most are replies and not messages I originate.  In some case I have to remove their message from being in my reply before it goes through and in some cases I can't get it to work no matter what I do.  How do you suppose that looks?


I don't have the option to use another port besides 25 to connect to my VPN server, so I have to use the verizon outbound mail server.  The other option I am given by some of the super mods here is to use gmail.  Yeah, that would be pretty nice for my professional image....





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I've seen a few people ask to see a post of the bounced message (with full headers) from folks who are complaining about the "SPAM bounce" -- with anything personally blotted out -- in order to understand what you are seeing, but I don't recall seeing anyone post an example for the rest of us to digest and interpret and suggest some possible solutions.  I don't doubt your getting something back, but it's possible what you think it's telling is not what's actually tripping things up and there might be a configuration change we could suggest to fix the issue (I have quite a few clients doing exactly what you're doing and they don't have any issues).


You can complain about the port 25 thing all you want -- but it isn't going to fix your problem via this forum.    And Verizon isn't going to change anyway -- most other major ISP's have done the same thing and those who haven't will be soon. 


And for the record -- the Gmail thing is NOT Gmail.   It's GoogleApps (google it).   GoogleApps is a hosted mail service -- they host your mail under your domain name (free for personal and non-profits) -- you get the benefits of the Google Gmail infrastructure but the identity of whatever domain you choose.   I use it for my small business, my personal domain, and several clients prefer it to Verizon's service because of the excellent spam filtering.


Since you said VPN -- I'm curious however since port 25 thru a VPN tunnel would NOT be blocked by verizon (it is, afterall, "in the tunnel").    Are you sure that traffic is going thru the tunnel?  One option if your have server side SSH access is you could do port forwarding -- but I won't try to describe how to do that here unless someone says they have such a setup and needs help configuring the tunnel.

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