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Why won't Outlook 2013 allow me to set up a Verizon.net email account?

Why won't Outlook 2013 allow me to set up a Verizon.net email account?

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BTW this issue had been beaten to death and has nothing to do with VZ.  It an MS "feature.".....armond it's called the latest technology. imap.verizon needs to get up to date bottomline.lmfao

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Virtually all modern e-mail clients and servers support both. The POP protocol has been developed through several versions, with version 3 (POP3) being the current standard. Most webmail service providers such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail also provide IMAP and POP3 service......EXCEPT VERIZON LMFAO

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outlook.com does both AND gives you 7gb of online storage through skydive.


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if I leave verizon, I don't have to worry about, what am I Going to do with my email address.  outlook.com gmail.com, yahoo.com they all go with me no matter what provider.   

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I was successful in setting up my verizon e-mail in Outlook 2013 by using the incoming.verizon.net and outgoing.verizon.net settings with the default ports of 110 and 25 respectively.  IMPORTANT: to get this to finally work I had to click on the "More Settings" tab and then the "Outgoing Server" tab.  I clicked the button next to "Log on Using" and had to re-enter my ID and password.  This was the key step for getting this to work for me.  Hope this helps.

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it's called current technology something verizon has no clue about,do some research

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Your Attention Needed: Re-configure Your Email Settings to Send Email

If you are having trouble sending or receiving email using your email software (Windows Vista Mail, Outlook, or Outlook Express), you might try switching your outbound port to 465.


Most common email viruses are sent using port 25 to infect computers. Often times the user never knows their computer has been infected. In order to protect our customers, Verizon has turned off the ability to send email using port 25 for all users other than those using a @verizon.net email address.

If you want immediate step-by-step instructions, visit change my port settings to 465 now.

What is outbound port 25 blocking?

Outbound port 25 blocking is a network configuration change that will prevent computers on the Verizon network from connecting to servers outside of our network. Servers outside the Verizon network use a method commonly employed to send unauthenticated, unsolicited e-mail or “spam”.


Why is Verizon blocking outbound port 25?

The majority of spam (unsolicited email) on the Internet is caused by malicious software viruses that take control of infected computers. These viruses direct the infected machines to send email through port 25. Verizon takes spam very seriously. Verizon blocks outgoing connections on port 25 to prevent infected computers from being used by spammers to send unsolicited email. Outbound port 25 blocking is a standard industry method to control spam.


When will outbound port 25 blocking be implemented?

We will begin implementing outbound port 25 blocking in the first quarter of 2009.

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This will allow you to send only.  But won't allow you to recv.  I'm researching the issue right now.

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Nope doesn't work.

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You've had office 2013 and Windows 8 for 7 years?  How'd you do that?  Office 2013 does not work with Windows 8.  You have to use work arounds.

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"""You've had office 2013 and Windows 8 for 7 years?  How'd you do that?  Office 2013 does not work with Windows 8.  You have to use work arounds."""


er please tell me your being sarcastic........... I have 8 and 2013 and guess what they work. Also I call **bleep** on the 7 year crack.

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