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Wortless spam filter

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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This is my second complaint.


Your so-called spam filter is worthless. It is stupid. It is retarded.


It consistently & repeatedly puts spam into my inbox even though I consistently & repeatedly click on "spam". Likewise, it consistently & repeatedly puts e-mails that are not spam into the spam folder even though I consistently & repeatedly click on "not spam".


There's no point in having a worthless, retarded spam filter.


I suggest that everyone who reads this post & who agrees with me that the spam filter is worthless add a comment. I hope that there will be hundreds or, better yet, thousands of complaints about the so-called "spam filter". Maybe then, Yahoo will do something about the "spam filter".

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Are you using yahoo's or verizon's spam filter.  Peronally not familiar with the Yahoo one but I thought most people found it better than the Verizon one.  Yes the Verizon one needs work.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
Posts: 141
Registered: ‎09-12-2009
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I don't know if I am using the Yahoo or the Verizon FIOS spam filter.  It is the filter that comes with my FIOS internet access. Tonight, there were about 20 pieces of spam in my inbox & 1 e-mail in the spam folder that is not spam. I'm sick & tired of clicking on "spam" in my inbox. What do I & others have to do in order to get rid of the worthless, retarded, stupid "spam" filter? I'm sure that there are many others that hate the "spam" filter as much as I do.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
Posts: 4,437
Registered: ‎12-16-2012
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If its the Verizon one, you can click on your email settings and one of the options their is for turning off the email filter. (settings/emailsettings/spam detector)


Of course its really not completely useless.  It does stop some SPAM.  More of concern is the email that is not spam.  If its from a particular user you can set that user as trusted when you mark the message as notspam.

Contributor reyahtbot
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I never used to get any spam in my VZ email, but in the last few months I'm now getting over 100 per day, and it seems to be getting worse.


So, one of two things happened recently, either some unscrupulous spamming site now has my email address (probably due to the Target breach), OR, this thing just doesn't work.


I'm thinking the first is likely, but the second is definite.  I mark the same spam daily as spam and there is new spam with the same subjects in my inbox the next day. It's getting old.


It also sucks because I've had the same email address since GTE in Texas became Verizon, where my @gte.net address was migrated to @verizon.net and up until very recently I've never had a spam problem.


I guess it's time to move on and get a new address... Smiley Sad

Copper Contributor jdjeff318
Copper Contributor
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As the original poster suggests, the spam filter is useless.  The other thing that is useless is the instructions putting the burden on the paying customer to stop spam.  This issues resides on the email server, hence internal to the company.  No matter how you spell it, this spam is reaching it's intended destination.  And verizon won't do a {word filter avoidance} thing about it.  I'm sick of hearing these **bleep** solutions.  Everything points to Verizon either making it happen or allowing it to happen.  None of the free services have any problems sending spam to the spam folder....and with no user intervention.  PERIOD.

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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A free option is to use a 3rd party email client to  manipulate your verizon email (as well as other clients). I use zoho mail free edition which is has many more features, and an excellent SPAM filter that works 100% for me. You can blacklist domains as well as individual email addresses. Plus you get a free email account. If is easy to setup and the pages load very quickly. www.zoho.com/mail

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Contributor tshine
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I couldn't agree more, if the spam filter is not fixed I am junking this and going with optimum. You can't even get help to deal with it from Verizon, which leads me to believe they must be benefitting from this nonsense

Copper Contributor Hortensia
Copper Contributor
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I agree the spam filter is not up to par.  Yahoo, Gmail and Live spam filters are superior.  I have identified emails as spam and they still end up in the verizon inbox in the same format.

Copper Contributor Peganmn
Copper Contributor
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I'm starting to think Verizon owns stock in the Replacement Windows company as well as all the others that spam me daily. 


Really, how hard could it possibly be for Verizon to figure out that I am recieving the same email every day with the same subject title and it's spam.  If I mark it as spam there ought to be a response from ebay to the title alone of that email even if it is coming from another address.   There are days when I receive four or five spam emails with the title Replacement Windows.  How many times do I have to mark it as spam or forward it to Verizon for SOMEONE to figure it out???  I've tried creating a filter based on the Subject but THE FILTERS DO NOT WORK.

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